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Typhonatic Wolfie) A new enemy...

Wolf) Yep

Typhonatic Wolfie) FINALLY!

Wolf) I know...

Typhonatic Wolfie) They better be tough too!

Wolf) He or she needs to be tough...

Typhonatic Wolfie) Except the "R.I.P" stuff will get annoying...

( Wolf grabs the brown bag that was left behind )

Typhonatic Wolfie) Wolf?

Wolf) *Leaves road for grass and sits down, opening the bag* Hmm...*Pulls a message out*

R.I.P Serenity: Death by Invasion on May 12th, 2012 [1248]

Wolf) ...*Pulls another message out*

R.I.P Wolf: Death by Invasion on May 12, 2012 [3497]

Wolf) Yeah, right! *Takes a third message out*

R.I.P Wolfgang: Death by Fall on April 20th, 2012 [4576]

( Wolf continues checking the messages )

Wolf) So...The plan to have my son killed today...They failed...And what are those numbers suppose to mean...

Meanwhile back by Volf...

( Volf lands )

Serenity) ...

May) Wolfgang...

C22) *Walks to Volf* What happened...

DF) ...*Pulls cellphone out*

Ice) *Dials the emergency number* ...

Injury With Consequences! Episode 42

Grade of Death Encoded Notes! Episode 41?

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