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Death human form
Used By
Gender Male
G-Power {{{G}}}
Attribute True Darkus
Weaponry Disease
Family The Nightingales
Title Darkus Plague
Status Alive


Morte "Death" Veleno, the Darkus Plague is best known for his use of poisons to attack. His weapon, Disease, is formless, and it is a kind of magic that allows him to use various kinds of poisons, as well as summon rats which swarm the enemy with infections and consume them.

He can also create distractions, or deceive the opponent into not feeling pain, and then after the poison settles in makes them feel all the pain at once, and then continued pain.


Though he uses deadly means and is quite sadistic in battle, he is charming outside of battle and is empathetic. He hits on any girl he thinks is hot. Death is also quick to snap at those who annoy him. 

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Venomancer: Death has complete control over various kinds of poisons, and is known to use them in battle. Most of these poisons are caustic and corrosive, and affect the enemy mentally. He uses this along with Deception.
  • Deception: Death can create distractions and illusions, deceiving the opponent. He can use this to blind the opponent, so that the opponent only sees what Death whats him to see.
  • Devouring Swarm: Death can summon a ravenous swarm of rats from the Void to deal with opponents in a especially grisly manner. If enough power is put into them they can consume the opponent whole, or work with Deception to make it feel like the opponent is being consumed.
  • Life Capture: Death can revive or "capture" the life of many things.

Ability CardsEdit

  • Corrosivo Morbo (Corrosive Disease):
  • Possesso (Possession):
  • Dead Rose:
  • Mind Games:
  • Mortal Coil:

Fusion Ability CardsEdit

  • Pestilent Poison:
  • Silence:

Despair Ability CardsEdit

Battling StyleEdit

Distractions and Diseases





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