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Darius "Dax" Alton
Debut Bloodlines/Chapter 1
Faction Assassin - Digital Shadows
Gender Male
Weaponry Digital Blades

Pistol SMG

Status Alive


Darius "Dax" Alton is the leader of the Digital Shadows. As a Master Assassin, he embodies the Creed, he never harms an innocent, always hid in plain sight, and never compromised the Brotherhood. His tactical cunning allows him to outsmart his opponents and quickly adapt to situations.


A cold and objective person, Dax fully devoted himself to whatever cause he chose to pursue. He is calm and wise, never letting anger cloud his thought but using it to cloud his enemy's minds.


  • Two Digital Blades: These blades use digital technology. When needed, they digitize into hidden blades.
  • Digital Pistol: This pistol uses digital technology, and when needed, it digitizes into a pistol, sometimes equipped with a silencer. It is Dax's main firearm of choice to execute enemies from afar. 
  • Digital SMG: Dax's secondary firearm, a SMG is used to quickly dispatch multiple targets, sometimes while freerunning. It is also equipped with the same digital technology as his pistol.
  • Optical Camouflage: Digital camouflage cloaks the individual, rendering them nearly invisible. The camouflage is available on Dax's uniform. The optical camouflage disengages with sudden movements, such as firing a weapon or running quickly.
  • Digitizer: This device allows Dax to enter a digital form, in which he is able to download data as memories, hack equipment, etc. An advanced form allows Dax to hack into life itself.


  • Marksmanship
  • Stealth
  • CQC
  • Freerunning
  • Hacking


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