DG) Ability Activate! Blackburn Clipper! ( Darcano Dragonoid generates dark heated energy and charges into his opponent with his blade wing )

Zach) Ability Activate! Shell Protections! ( Sinkoid hides in his shell to protect himself from attacks )

( Darcano Dragonoid crashes into Sinkoid's shell )

( Sinkoid's shell moves backwards, while Darcano Dragonoid flips onto the shell's top )

Zach) Ability Activate! Shark Zuka! ( Sinkoid fires a blast of water )

( The watery blast hits a mountain wall )

( The shell repels from the wall )

( Darcano Dragonoid falls off the shell )

( Sinkoid releases another watery blast; repels off towards Darcano Dragonoid )

DG) Ability Activate! Dark Secrete! ( Darcano Dragonoid releases black ash to hide himself )

( Darcano Dragonoid disappears causing Sinkoid to crash onto the ground )

In Wolfgang's house...

Wolfgang) ...

Serenity) Do you know what's gotten into him?

Wolfgang) No...

Serenity) I mean...I don't know what's wrong with him, but putting Persona in danger like he did was really overdone...

Wolfgang) What exactly did he do?

Serenity) He put Persona in 500+mph winds...

Wolfgang) WHAT!

Serenity) Yeah...

Wolfgang) Why...

Serenity) I don't know...He has been silent with me...I'd thought he'd tell you...

Wolfgang) He hasn't...

Serenity) Okay

Wolfgang) Want me to ask him?

Serenity) No...I'll try to get him to talk tonight

Wolfgang) Okay Mom...

Back at the brawl...

Zach) Ability Activate! Aquatic Beam! ( Sinkoid shots a beam out of his mouth )

( The beam crashes into Darcano Dragonoid )

( Darcano Dragonoid bursts out of Sinkoid's shell )

Zach) Ultimate Ability Activate! Ultra Zuka! ( Sinkoid fires an enormous blast of water )

( Darcano Dragonoid crashes into a wall )

DG) Ability Activate! Darcano Erupt! ( Darcano Dragonoid fires an intense beam from his chest )

( An intense beam fires from Darcano's chest, while the enormous water blast comes closer to Darcano's beam )

( The intense beam cuts through the enormous water blast and head towards Sinkoid )

Sinkoid) O_O *Hides in shell*

BOOM! *The beam goes through Sinkoid's shell and Sinkoid turns into his ball form*

C22Helios vs. Darkusfan202! Episode 51 Part 1/2

Grade of DarkusGUY vs. Zach! Episode 50?

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