Story 1Edit

Was apart of the Black Enforcers and was later betrayed by Blue and Redaikabakulover.




Is a 12 headed bakugan with 10 wings. The whole bakugan is Black, with purple lines. Each head has eye eyes. There is no tail to this bakugan. The 10 wings are sharp as blades, starting from the mid-section ( back side ) and the 5th set of wings go where the tail would be ( but no tail on this bakugan ). Each head can attack at one time, but doing that would cost the bakugan its life force. That beam has been said to perce through the toughest thing in the Universe. Ulitmately that beam is a 2/2 in life taking.


Dark Dome ( Puts Tweliod in a dark dome to shield himself. )

Wing Attack ( Tweloid can take his wings off and throw them, at his opponent. Once a wing hits something, it will explode with dark energy )

Spinning beam (all 12 heads fire at different directions, and Tweloid spins in a circle )

Head Shot ( One head fires an attack, one at a time.

Four head Clutch: ( Four heads grab the opponent, while the rest attack the opponent )

Four Head Clutch, Power Drain ( Instead of attacks, the enemy's power is drained )

Deadly Strike ( All heads attacks at once, firing an extremely powerful beam, that no bakugan can survive )

Story 2Edit




Is a huge pony with a horn. It's horn can fire blast and is 1.5 feet long.