Darkened Pyrus
Age 22 (Story III)
Gender Male
Planet of Origin Earth
Race Human
Occupation Brawler
Main Attribute Darkus Darkus and VentusVentus
Guardian Bakugan Ventus Knight Dragonoid and Darkus Cyber Heilos
Family Unknown
First Appearance Unknown

Story 3Edit

Darkened Pyrus is a Ventus and Darkus Brawler, in Wolf's third series.



Darkus Cyber HeliosEdit



  • Cyber Slash: Slashes the foe with its claws.
  • Darkus Impact: Cyber Helios flies into the air and its body becomes surrounded by spiraling purple streaks. Then, a black energy sphere surrounds Cyber Heilos's body and it flies into the opponent with great force.
  • Dragon Destroyer: Cyber Heilos's eyes glow grey, Cyber Heilos opens its mouth, a black-purple ball forming in front of it. It then fires a black-purple beam from the ball at the opponent.
  • Darkus Burst: Launches a burst of dark fire forward.

Ventus Knight DragonoidEdit

Description: Edit

He is green but is half covered with armor on his body. He appears with a green sword. He has the ability to create wind. He has two wings on his back.


  • Tornado Burst:
  • Aerial Impact:
  • Striker Cannon:
  • Wind Slash:

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