Dan Dacne
Gender Male
Age 16
Birthdate June 20th, 1995
Planet of Origin Earth
Lifeform Human
Bakugan Partner {{{Partner}}}
Protagonist or Antagonist Protagonist

Description: Normally wears shorts and a short sleeved shirt. He has long legs and is about 5ft 8". Also, he weights about 155 pounds. His hair is blond and is normally spiked upwards, except when he's playing football for his school team. He has a small acne problem.

Personality: He's a bit laid back, but can lose his cool quickly. He loves to dance in front of others. Also, Dan dedicates his games to his older brother.

Past History (event he/she suffered, accomplishments, etc.): Has had a good history of winning awards for his actions of saving a person's life and football. However, his older brother passed away from a heart attack, when they were at a football game.

Gane OverEdit



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