Daisy, present! Don't be afraid to try something new! Believe!

Nickname(s) Dai-kouhai, RedEye
Gender Female
Role Hero
Team Team Kunoichi
Partner(s) Diana
Ability(-ies) Enhanced sight (birth ability), enhanced stamina and agility
Weapon(s) Martial arts, kunai

Daisy is a young ninja in Figure 10: Digital Rev. Her Real World Troops team is Team Kunoichi with her mentor/partner being Diana.



Just like Diana, Daisy grew in the same ninja village but didn't get to undergo full training before ninjutsu tutorship was closed down. Diana saw how much Daisy wanted to become a full fledged kunoichi so she took her under her wing.


Just like Diana she usually remains in the same attire, except she does have another set bu very similar. She bears a black hood and white torso covering along with gold accessories. In her usual attire it is just full black with several strings to tie it up. Two notable things about Daisy is she was born with purple hair and red eyes. This is a result of her birth ability.


Daisy resembles Diana in personality, barely talks but friendly. She mostly talks to her mentor obviously. She is also shown to be somewhat shy and lacking a little confidence in her abilities.


Daisy has almost all the same traits of Diana but just somewhat weaker. Her most notable ability is the rare trait called Enhanced Red Eye, called  Enhansu Reddo Ai (エンハンス レッドアイ). It grants her extremely heightened vision. This is the reason as to why she has bright red eyes and also purple hair. The primary ability of the Enhansu Reddo Ai gives the user a near 360º field of vision, except for one blind spot at the back of the neck above the first thoracic vertebra. Upon activation of the ability, the wielder is granted an automatic 50 metre field of vision around themselves which can be extended through training. The Enhansu Reddo Ai user is also able to see through solid objects and smokescreens. It can also differentiate between non-corporeal clones and see through techniques that would otherwise hide an opponent from normal sight. The user also has the ability to follow high-speed movement. It is also used to detect body heat and magnify on objects. She uses this great advantage with her martial arts and her main weapons which are kunai.


  • She is the only one with a birth ability as unique as this one 

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