10 minutes later for the final brawl of the day...

Airzel) Ability Activate! Demonis Uppercut! ( Shade uppercuts his opponent with a black and red fist )

( Terrex flies into the sky )

Airzel) Ability Activate! Demonis Smashback! ( Shade clubs his opponent from behind after a disappearance act )

( Terrex gets clubbed from behind and falls towards the ground )

Airzel) Ability Activate! Demonis Quake! ( Shade falls from a tremendous height that landing causes an earthquake )

( Terrex lands on his feet and runs from Shade's landing zone )


( Shade lands; an earthquake is caused and Terrex trips )

( Shade walks towards Terrex )

DQ) Link Abilities Activate! T-Rex Swipe! ( Terrex swings his tail ) & Terrex Cruchimuchies! ( Terrex bites the opponent )

( Shade falls and Terrex bites Shade's leg )


DQ) Terrex, take Shade for a ride...

Terrex) *Gives an evil glare* Sure *With a mumble*

( Terrex spins around with Shade in his mouth )

( Shade crashes into many trees, each snapping at impact )

DQ) Ability Activate! Tyrantal Rage! ( Terrex creates a burst of power, that blasts the opponent )


( Shade bursts out of Terrex's mouth from purple winds and crashes into a mountain )

Shade) *Breaks off the mountain* God, that hurt!

( Terrex crashes into Shade with a thick headbutt )

( Shade gets stuck in the mountain again )

DQ) Ability Activate! Terrorious Squish! ( Terrex charges into the opponent smashing them against an object )

Airzel) Ability Activate! Demonis Hipstruck! ( Shade hip tosses an opponent with a demonis blast before the opponent lands on their feet )

( Shade sidesteps, hip tosses, and blasts Terrex inside the mountain )

( Terrex lays on the ground, while Shade looks over and walks in )

Shade) Stupid dinosaur *Lifts Terrex up and heads towards the lava*

( Terrex bites Shade's head )

( Shade lets Terrex go )

( Terrex throws Shade into the air and then slams him to the ground )

( Shade punches Terrex's leg )

( Terrex collapse to the ground and faces Shade at his level )

( Shade and Terrex lock hands, getting back up and pushing each other )

Shade) BYE! *Throws Terrex above the lava pit*

Terrex) O_O

( Shade stomps on the ground )

( A purple ball leaves the lava pit )


( Lava suddenly bursts up, hitting Terrex and breaking the mountain top )

( Terrex turns to his ball form )

Shade) *Walking as lava splits upwards* Now that's how a dinosaur goes extinct!

( The field returns to normal as Shade returns to his ball form )

Aslihian vs. C22Helios! Episode 36

Grade of DQ vs. Airzel! Episode 35?

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