Darcano Dragonoid) *Comes out of ball form* T.T I'm still tired!

FS Helios) TOO BAD...I'M BUFF!

Darcano Dragonoid) With bandage wrap around your hips...

FS Helios) So?

Darcano Dragonoid) You're turning human...

FS Helios) I still be buff! =P

Darcano Dragonoid) Whatever...BEING BUFF SUCKS!

FS Helios) WHAT?!

Darcano Dragonoid) BUFF S-

FS Helios) *Uppercuts Darcano Dragonoid with a flame burst inculded* That's what I thought...

( Darcano Dragonoid falls backwards and lands one his feet with his one knee on the ground )

FS Helios) *Flexes* BUFFNESS!

DG) Ability Activate! Blackburn Clipper! ( Darcano Dragonoid generates dark heated energy and charges into his opponent with his blade wing )

( Darcano Dragonoid charges towards FS Helios )

( FS Helios jumps, but gets his leg clipped )

( FS Helios falls to the ground, holding his hips, while slowly getting up )

( Darcano Dragonoid turns around )

( FS Helios slowly moves to a standing base )

( Darcano Dragonoid charges towards FS Helios )


FS Helios) Huh?

( Darcano Dragonoid clips FS Helios with his blade stuck in his bandage wrap )

FS Helios) O_O

( FS Helios gets pulled into the air )

FS Helios) I WANT DOWN! *Struggles against Darcano Dragonoid*

Darcano Dragonoid) Sure...*Flies downwards*

FS Helios) =D THANKS!

Darcano Dragonoid) No problem...*Lowers FS Helios into the ground*

( FS Helios' body rubs against the ground )

( FS Helios scratches the ground )

Darcano Dragonoid) Okay...That's enough *Flies upwards*

FS Helios) YOU <BEEP>! *Lifts feet in-between Darcano Dragonoid's opening*

( Darcano Dragonoid's body shifts downwards )


( FS Helios grabs Darcano Dragonoid )

Darcano Dragonoid) O_O NO...DON'T YOU DARE!

( FS Helios pulls Darcano Dragonoid towards his front side, while his bandage warp starts to rip )

FS Helios) I DARE BECAUSE I'M BUFF! *Pushes Darcano Dragonoid into towards the ground*

C22) Ability Activate! Solar Splash! ( Fire Strike Helios lands on the opponent with a sun heated body )

( Darcano Dragonoid crashes into the ground, since FS Helios' push had too much force )

( FS Helios does a corkscrew twirl and crashes against Darcano Dragonoid's body )

( Darcano Dragonoid gets pushed onto the ground )

( Dirt flies into the air as dusty smoke )

DG vs. C22! Episode 70 Part 2/2

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