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Four months later, in April...

Zach) Link Abilities Activate! Sink! ( Sinkoid fills his shell with water ) & Water Beam! ( Sinkoid shots a beam of water from his mouth )

DA) Ability Activate! Magical Illusion! ( Pegasus disappears with a rainbow of colors left behind )

( The water beam passes through the rainbow illusion, while Pegasus stands behind Sinkoid )

DA) Linked Abilities Activate! Magic: Darkhorn! ( Pegasus' horn grows with a purple aura ) & Magical Twirl! ( Pegasus drills his horn into his opponent )

( Pegasus sticks his horn in Sinkoid's shell, lifting his shell up with spins )

( The water in Sinkoid's shell swirls around )

( Sinkoid flies out of the shell )

DA) Ability Activate! Magic: Beam Oppression! ( Pegasus releases a beam from his horn )

( The beam and shell start to swirl )

Zach) Ability Activate! Shark Zuka! ( Sinkoid fires a blast of water )

( The twirling shell twirls, taking the water in )


( The shell crashes into Sinkoid, while the beam pushes him into a pillar )

Sinkoid) X_X

DA) Ability Activate! Magical Rampage! ( Pegasus glows with a bright aura and charges into the opponent for a magical rampage )

Sinkoid) X_X

( Pegasus starts to gallop )

Sinkoid) X_X

( Pegasus' aura glows brighter )

( Sinkoid suddenly releases a watery blast from his mouth )

( Sinkoid's shell shots off Sinkoid and crashes under Pegasus' galloping feet )

( Pegasus trips and crashes into the pillar; turns to his ball form )


( Afterwards, the pillar falls and Sinkoid turns to his ball form )

10 minutes later...

Ice) Leonial, lets show Nuza our training!

Magmius Leonial) Lets! *Turns to bakugan form*

Nuza) Ovorier, ready to move on?

Ovorier) Ready! *Turns to bakugan form*

Ice) Ability Activate! Mane-Trike- Electron! ( Magmius Leonial blasts the opponent with multiple bolts of lightning )

Nuza) Ability Activate! Extension Shield! ( Ovorier's blades grow, while he uses them as shields )

( The lightning bolts hit Ovorier's blades, leaving traces of magma behind )

Ice) Ability Activate! Metallic Rush! ( Magmius Leonial dashes through the opponents multiple time, sometimes able to defeat them )

( Magmius Leonial crashes into Ovorier once and charges again )

Nuza) Ability Activate! Cross Chop! ( Ovorier chops the opponents with his blades in an "X" position )

( Magmius Leonial leaps over Ovorier, charging towards him again )

Ice) Ability Activate! Ironic Roar Headbutt! ( With the crest on his forehead, Electron Leonial rams, sometimes headbutts the opponent with the iron crest that causes bolts of lightning to rapidedly hit the target once triggered with a roar )

Nuza) Ability Activate! Stunning Slash! ( Ovorier slashes her opponent and the opponent can't move )

( Ovorier jumps into the air, landing her blade across Leonial's back )

( Leonial falls to the ground, unable to move )

Nuza) Ability Activate! Crashing Blades! ( Ovorier smashes her blade onto the opponent )

( Ovorier lands on top of Leonial, crushing her blades, but actually misses Leonial and gets her blades stuck )

Magmius Leonial) RAWR!

( Leonial's crest crashes into Ovorier's head )

( Ovorier turns to her ball form )

Aslihian vs. PB900, Winx vs. Val! Episode 32

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