Back by Mike, Christian, and Jane...

Christian) You were my Dad's friend...

???) I still am

Christian) And those two bakugans were mine...

Mike) And that one bakugan was mine...

???) HA!

Christian) And you aren't my friend, Master24...

Master24) We know, be prepared!

( Deger, Anegonza, and Lezzar draw closer to Mike and Christian )

( Jane stays a floor above Mike and Christian )

( Christian sends Werewerra out, while Mike sends Burzeator and Drarieror out )

( Drarieror comes out of his ball form, on his knees )

( Werewerra comes out of his ball form, taking deep breathes )

Mike) Drarieror, can you brawl?

Drarieror) Ye...Yeah

Mike) Okay

Jane) I can brawl...

Christian) No, we don't need you...

Mike) ...HEY!

Jane) D=

Christian) We need you to tell everyone in the mansion, though

Jane) Okay

Christian) Get everyone out as quick as you can...

Jane) Okay

Master24) ATTACK!

( Anegonza charges towards Werewerra )

( Deger follows behind Anegonza )

Burzeator) *Pats Drarieror* I got this...*Disappears*

Christian) Ability Activate! Balling Safe! ( Basade Werewerra's body turns to a spiky ball as he rolls towards the opponent )

( Werewerra rolls towards Anegonza )

( Deger jumps high )

( Anegonza's left foot lands on Werewerra's ball-body )

( Werewerra stops spinning )

Christian) Ability Activate! Balling Safe! ( Basade Werewerra's body turns to a spiky ball as he rolls towards the opponent )

( Werewerra rolls backwards )

( Dirt flings )

( Anegonza's left foot gets scratches up by Werewerra's movement )

( Werewerra doesn't budge from Anegonza's squishing foot )

( Werewerra stops moving )

( Deger lands in-front of Anegonza )

( Deger does his own roll towards Werewerra )

( Werewerra spins forwards )

( Anegonza's foot gets scratched more )

( Dirt flings into Deger's face )

( Deger rolls backwards and starts using his hoofs to clean his face )

( Anegonza lifts his foot )

( Werewerra shoots into Anegonza's leg )

( Werewerra crashes into Anegonza's back leg )

( Anegonza's back leg flies upwards )

( Werewerra passes by Anegonza )

( Anegonza falls )

( Deger gets squished by Anegonza's body and turns to his ball form )

Christian) Ability Activate! Spike Bomb! ( Basade Werewerra's body closes into a ball as his spikey body falls onto the opponent )

( Werewerra rolls up a hill and then pushes his self high into the sky )

( Anegonza remains on the ground, as his leg was basically broken and his left foot torn )

( Werewerra rolls in air )

( Werewerra falls and lands on Anegonza's midsection )

( Green ooze leaves Anegonza's body after Werewerra made impact )

( Werewerra rolls towards Anegonza's head, revealing a deep dent in Anegonza's body )

( Werewerra leaves his ball and headbutts the back of Anegonza's head )

( Anegonza's head pops up with green ooze coming out )

Basade Werewerra) Geez, I messed his body up...*Returns to rolling*

( Werewerra rolls up Anegonza's skull )

Basade Werewerra) *Comes out of his ball and sits on Anegonza's head* This'll be fun...

( Anegonza's head falls back to the ground, slowly with his mandibles chomping )

( Werewerra turns back to his ball and rolls towards Anegonza's mouth )

( Werewerra falls off Anegonza's head and falls towards his mandibles )

( Anegonza's mandibles close on Werewerra )

( Werewerra continues spinning )

( Green ooze shoots out of Anegonza's mouth )

( Werewerra gets hit and slows down )

Basade Werewerra) *In head* ...*Looks at the green ooze that hardens into bronzite* Didn't see that coming...

( The green ooze on Werewerra turns to bronzite )

( Some spikes remain over the bronzite )

( Anegonza's head hits the ground )

( Werewerra bounces out of Anegonza's mandibles )

( Werewerra rolls into Anegonza's mouth )

( Green ooze enters Basade Werewerra's ball )

Basade Werewerra) *Watching the green ooze* More!

( Werewerra rolls down Anegonza's throat )

( Anegonza's head lifts from Werewerra's movement )

( Werewerra falls into Anegonza's midsection )

( Werewerra rolls to the sides on Anegonza's midsection, slowly gaining speed )

( Werewerra continues this pattern for a few minutes, then rolls at a quicken pace )

( Werewerra rolls up Anegonza's right side and falls off, towards the center of Anegonza's body )

( Spikes shoot off of Werewerra )

( The spikes dig into Anegonza's midsection's inside )

( Anegonza's head pops up )

( More green ooze leaves Anegonza's mouth )

( Werewerra gets pulled backwards, in green ooze )

( Green ooze shoots out of Anegonza's mouth )

( Werewerra shoots out of Anegonza's mouth )

Christian) *Crying* WEREWERRA!

Master24) SHUT IT, PUNK!


( Master24 brings Christian upwards and smashes him onto his knee )

Christian) AHHHH! *Rolls off Master24's knee*


Master24) YOU WANT SOME TOO! *Squeezes the headlock on Mike's head*

Basade Werewerra) *Comes out of his ball* Christian, hold on! *Stomps on the ground*

( A pillar of the ground rises and hits Anegonza's head )

( Anegonza's body rises into the air and falls back down, crushing the pillar )

( Anegonza returns to his ball form )

Basade Werewerra) Now...*Turns towards Christian* Christian...*Looks at Master24* MY MASTER! *Turns to his ball and rolls*

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