By Mike and Christian's battle (Mike - 2, Christian - 1)...

Christian) Ability Activate! Shock Speed! ( Basade Werewerra charges into his opponent, sending shocks through the opponent's body )

( Basade Werewerra runs towards Drarieror )

Mike) Ability Activate! Thin Dragon Slash! ( A dragon leaves Drarieror's left shoulder cannon and bites the opponent. The dragon then pulls the opponent towards Drarieror. Drarieror slashes the opponent with his sword(s) )

( A dragon leaves Drarieror's left cannon )

Basade Werewerra) How many tricks do you have?

Drarieror) Many tricks

( The dragon becomes inches away from Werewerra )

( Basade Werewerra ducks and travels under the dragon )

( The dragon bites Basade Werewerra's tail )

Basade Werewerra) OW, MY TAIL!

( The dragon pulls Werewerra )

( Werewerra trips, flips, and gets pulled )

( Werewerra's spikes scratch the ground )

( Dirt gathers up and Werewerra suddenly stops getting pulled )

Basade Werewerra) Phew...

Drarieror) ...*Pulls the dragon*

( Werewerra doesn't move )

Drarieror) Nice trick

Basade Werewerra) It's called my "I don't want to go trick"...

Drarieror) Cool! *Soars into the air*

( Drarieror stops by the sun )

( Werewerra gets blinded by Drarieror's position near the sun )

( Drarieror declines towards Werewerra with his swords ready )

( Werewerra rolls backwards )

( Drarieror's swords both stab the ground )

( Drarieror pulls with sword, but they stay stuck into the ground )

Christian) Ability Activate! Extreme Spiroll! ( Basade Werewerra rolls into the opponent at a fast pace )

( Werewerra rolls again, causing the dragon to rip apart )

( Dirt flies 10ft into the air )

( Werewerra crashes into Drarieror's swords )

( Drarieror's swords fly into the air, via Werewerra's spikes )

( Werewerra rolls towards Drarieror )

( Drarieror stands still )

( Christian jumps )

Mike) .-.?

( Drarieror throws Werewerra above his head )

Christian) *Stops jumping* COME ON!

( Werewerra continues rolling, stops, bounces, and rolls backwards )

( Drarieror jumps into the sky )

( Werewerra rolls under Drarieror )

( Drarieror grabs his swords )

Christian) FORWARDS!

( Werewerra jumps into the air, rolling forward )

( Drarieror's legs get clipped )

( Drarieror falls onto the ground )

Christian) BACKWARDS!

( Werewerra rolls backwards )


( Drarieror rolls towards his left )

( Werewerra rolls towards Drarieror's direction, via guess )

( Werewerra closes in on Drarieror )

Mike) Ability Activate! Guardian Fire! ( Drarieror shoots flames out of his two upper cannons )

( Drarieror shoots flames from his upper cannons )

( The flames crash into Werewerra )

( Werewerra rolls through the flames )

Mike) Ability Activate! Low Guardian! ( Drarieror's two knee cannons release flames at the opponent )

( Drarieror allows Werewerra onto his two legs )

( Werewerra rolls on Drarieror's two legs )

Drarieror) AHHH!

( Werewerra rolls towards Drarieror's knees )

( Flames come out of Drarieror's knee cannons )

( Werewerra flies off Drarieror )

Christian) Ability Activate! Spike's Pierce! ( Basade Werewerra's spikes shoot off his body )

( Werewerra's spikes shoot off his body towards the ground or sky )

( A spike heads for Drarieror's head )

( Drarieror sits up )

( Two spikes hit Drarieror's knee wings )

Drarieror) Phew...My head almost got..umm...Got...

Mike) Can you get up?

( Werewerra lands on the ground, out of his ball )

Drarieror) *Looks down* I could, if my knee wings weren't pinned to the ground

Mike) Really...

Drarieror) Really

Mike) Linked Abilities Activate! Cuspultion! ( Basade Werewerra stomps on the ground causing the opponent to be thrown from a chunk of rising ground ) + Wherewa Quake! ( Basade Werewerra stomps onto the ground, causing an earthquake )

( Werewerra stomps onto the ground )

( A figure shoots Drarieror 50ft into the air )

( The figure shakes and collapses )

( Drarieror falls, still stuck to a piece of ground )

Mike) Ability Activate! Guardian Fire! ( Drarieror shoots flames out of his two upper cannons )

( Drarieror shoots flames out of his cannons )

( The flames die off before they could hit the ground )

( Drarieror tries shooting more flames out )

( No flames leave )

Drarieror) ERR! *Glows red*

Mike) ...

( Two dragons leave Drarieror's cannons )

( The dragons grab the barrier's top )

( Drarieror dangles in midair )

Basade Werewerra) ...

Christian) ...

Mike) Wow...

Christian) Mike, can we just call this a draw...No one's winning...

Basade Werewerra) AWOOO!

( Rocks lift and shoot towards Drarieror )

Mike) Nah

Christian) ...

( Some rocks miss Drarieror, some hit Drarieror, and a few cut his dragons )

( Drarieror falls )

Basade Werewerra) AWOOO!

( Rocks lift from the ground and shoot towards Drarieror )

( Rocks shoot and some crash into Drarieror )

( Drarieror remains in his bakugan form )

( Werewerra rolls towards Drarieror, a quick pace is used )

Drarieror) Phew...THIS <BEEP> HURTS!

Mike) ...

( Drarieror crashes onto the ground )

( The piece of ground he was on shatters )

( Drarieror tries to get up, but falls )

Drarieror) Mike, I cannot stand!

Mike) O_O

( Werewerra closes in on Drarieror )

Mike) Ultimate Ability Activate! Dragon-Tamed Missiles! ( Drarieror releases four blast from each cannon, each blast turns to a dragon's head )

( Drarieror rolls to his side to face Werewerra )

( Drarieror lays sideways and releases sixteen dragon head blast )

( Eight of the dragon head blast explode next to Drarieror from being too close to the ground )

( Werewerra still rolls towards Drarieror )


( A dragon head blast crashes into Werewerra )


( Another dragon head blast crashes into Werewerra )

( Werewerra still rolls )

( An uproar of "BOOM!"s happen )

( Werewerra closes in on Drarieror )

( Drarieror returns to his ball form via exhaustion )

( Werewerra crashes into the barrier wall )

( Werewerra returns to his ball form )

( Drarieror and Werewerra return to their owners )

Mike) Wow...*Catches Drarieror*

Christian) 2 to 2! *Grabs Werewerra*


Mike) Thanks Jane!

Christian) Yeah, th-

???) *Clapping* Really good, really!

( Three bakugans come out of their ball forms )

Mike) T.T

Christian) I know you...

???) I know you too...

Jane) ...

By Arric, Samantha, and Alexandria...

Arric) We're here...

Samantha) So this is your girlfriend's house...

Arric) Yeah...*Starts walking*

Samantha) And your house is apart of my home...Right Alexandria?

( Alexandria grabs Samantha's hand )

Samantha) Aww

Arric) Come on...

Samantha) Oh yeah...*Follows Arric*

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