Mike) Abilities Activate! Thin Dragon Slash! ( A dragon leaves Drarieror's left shoulder cannon and bites the opponent. The dragon then pulls the opponent towards Drarieror. Drarieror slashes the opponent with his sword(s) ) + Knock Air Kick! ( With speed, Burzeator kicks the opponent's gut, knocking all air out of the opponent ) + Chain Hold! ( Electrilyr grabs the opponent with her long chainy body )

Nebula Meteonoid) BRING IT!

( Drarieror releases a thin dragon from his left shoulder cannon )

( Meteonoid grabs the dragon and pulls Drarieror over )

( Electrilyr wraps her chainy tail around Drarieror and pulls Drarieror back )

( Drarieror takes his sword out )

( Burzeator appears behind Meteonoid, kicking him into the air )

( Drarieror pulls Meteonoid in )

( Meteonoid falls towards Drarieror )

( Drarieror swings his sword at Meteonoid )

( Meteonoid lifts spilts his body apart, then comes back together on Drarieror's sword )

( Meteonoid releases a comet blast at Drarieror )

( Drarieror is hit directly )

( Meteonoid takes Drarieror's sword and slashes the thin dragon )

Nebula Meteonoid) You're all weak!

( Burzeator kicks Meteonoid into the air, from behind )

( Meteonoid heads towards an arriving Valkyrie )

( Valkyrie uses an Intensity Punch on Meteonoid )

( Meteonoid crashes onto the ground )

Nexus) *With Mike, Nintendo, C22, and Ice* Ability Activate! Flame Grenades! ( Valkyrie throws tiny grenade-sized fireballs at the opponent )

( Valkyrie creates tiny grenade-sized fireballs and throws them towards Meteonoid )

( Meteonoid pushes himself off the ground and into the air )

( Drarieoror gets up, while Burzeator and Electrilyr fly towards Meteonoid )

( Meteonoid uses the small fireballs as stepping stones towards Valkyrie )

Nexus) Ability Activ-

( Meteonoid's clothly cloth arms wrap around Valkyrie's neck )

Nexus) -ate! Dual Barnum! ( Valkyrie charges two fire blasts in his hands, then fires them at the opponent )

( Valkyrie charges two fire blast in his hands )

Mike) Ultimate Ability Activate! Dragon-Tamed Missiles! ( Drarieror releases four blast from each cannon, each blast turns to a dragon's head )

( Drarieror releases four dragon heads from each of his cannons )

( The dragon heads head towards Meteonoid and Valkyrie )

( Valkyrie throws one fire blast )

( Meteonoid swings to the left, avoiding the blast )

( Burzeator gets hit by the fire blast and falls towards the ground )

( Valkyrie releases the other fire blast )

( Meteonoid swings to the right, avoiding the blast )

( Electrilyr gets hit by the other fire blast and falls towards the ground )

Nexus) Ability Activate! Jet Turbo! ( Valkyrie encases himself in red flames and shoots at the opponent )

( Valkyrie encases himself in red flames )

( Meteonoid clothy cloth arms burn )

( Meteonoid falls towards the dragon heads )

( Valkyrie shoots towards Meteonoid )

( Meteonoid releases a black sphere comet )

( Valkyrie fires into the comet, burning it away )

( Valkyrie, Meteonoid, the black sphere comet, Burzeator, Electrilyr, all the dragon heads, Darterym's golden throne, and Drarieror glow purple, blue, and gold )


( Tigator lands with Bling, Hiriger, and Arric )

Arric) Tigator, was that really necessary?

Osbyss Tigator) Doesn't matter.


( A bakugan flies through Airdren rapidly )

D-BC: Episode 74

D-BC: Episode 73 was...?

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