( Tigator flies high above Lustrous )

( Lustrous is looking through the dead, spiky bushes )

( Tigator's three heads stare at the spiky bushes, causing them to glow purple, blue, and gold )

( Lustrous looks up, spotting Tigator, then flies towards Tigator )

( Lustrous also glows purple, blue, and glow )


( The dead bushes explode in a massive explosive that has flames burst up and cover the surrounding area, including Tigator. Lustrous also faced an explosion and is covered by the sky rocketing flames )

( The amount of smoke in the area is extremely high )

Away from the battleground...

Drarieror) ...

( Electrilyr lightly shocks Drarieror again )

Drarieror) ...

Bling) *Upset* Tigator started fun without us!

Arric) Like Tigator anyways...

Drarieror) Why isn't Tigator with you anyways.

Arric) He got a little ups-

Blue) Acted like a <beep> and went ahead. Such <beep>...He's a <beep>, did you get that <beep>?

Arric) ...

Drarieror) I hate you! *Speeds up a bit, ignoring Electrilyr*

Back to the battleground...


( Mike coughs loudly )

Valkyrie) *Steps out of the portal* NO!

Nexus) YES!

Valkyrie) Burzeator, may I see Mike?

Burzeator) *Comes out of the portal* Surez *Hands Mike to Valkyrie*

Valkyrie) *Holds Mike next to Nexus* Watch dummy! *Valkyrie creates a bubble like shield*

( The portal closes )

Nexus) Or that.

Valkyrie) Uh huh. *Flies into the smoke*

In the portal...

( Smoke moves around in the portal, being shocked and transformed )

( The smoke gains a head )


Back by the battlegrounds...

( Burzeator whips up some winds )

( Flames quickly rise towards Valkyrie, covering Valkyrie's shield entirely )

Valkyrie) WOW.

Nexus) ...

( Mike shakes from being in total fear )

( The flames glow blue and turn to smog )

( Tigator flies beside Valkyrie with a blue aura, a yellow hoop above his head, and angel wings. Tigator's tail is changed to a regular black tail with four yellow hoops surrounding and rotating around it )

Valkyrie) He's back!

Angelic Tigator) Get out of here, this is too dangerous for anyone.

Valkyrie) Then you don't know me.

Angelic Tigator) I want you out, their lives matter. No one should die nor get hurt.

( A white and black blast heads towards Valkyrie and Tigator )

( Tigator flies in front of Valkyrie; Tigator absorbs the white and black blast )

Angelic Tigator) Now go.

( Valkyrie flies away from Tigator )

( Burzeator still tries to decrease the amount of smoke around the area, but is unsuccessful )

( Tigator glows a deeper light blue and blasts through the smoke )

( The smoke enters Tigator's body, as he moves )

( Lustrous releases a blast towards Tigator )

( Burzeator goes into the smoke, not knowning he just passed Tigator )

( Burzeator is hit by Lustrous' blast )

( Burzeator crashes into a rocky wall, then falls into the huge flames below )

( Lustrous releases another blast towards Tigator )

( Tigator flies through the blast )

( Lustrous multiplies into two more Lustrouses )

( Tigator charges into the Lustrous 2 )

( Lustrous 2 disappears )

( Lustrous 1 and 3 grab Tigator's tail )

( Lustrous 2 appears above Tigator, charging a strong blast )

( Lustrous 1 bites Tigator's tail )

Angelic Tigator) THAT'S NOT NICE! *Releases a yellow blast from his tail*

( Lustrous 1's head is shot off his body )

( Lustrous 1's head and body fall into the flames )

( Lustrous 2 releases the blast )

( Angelic Tigator throws Lustrous 3 into the blast, using her tail )

( Lustrous 3 disappears into energy )

Angelic Tigator) I'M A MURDER! *Aura turns red*

( Two large fangs come out of Tigator's mouth. Tigator's wings turn to dark-red wings. His eyes are now red and his body has became more demonic; spiky, stiff fur everywhere. Tigator's tail has turned to a blade with blades coming out )

Demonic Tigator) I WILL KILL YOU! *Charges towards Lustrous 2*

( Lustrous 2 disappears )

( Demonic Tigator exits the smoke, looking at Valkyrie )

Demonic Tigator) TIME TO DIE!

( Valkyrie glows a red color )

Valkyrie) ...

Demonic Tigator) BURN IN <BEEP>! *Releases a meteor blast from his mouth*

Nexus) Ability Activate! Intensity Punch! ( Valkyrie's fist heats up and punches the opponent )

( Valkyrie turns around, punching the meteor blast with Nexus and Mike in his other arm )

( A small part of the blast goes back to Tigator )

( Tigator looks at the small part )

( The small part glows red )


( The small part blows up into a black ball that sucks in the remaining smoke and flames )

Demonic Tigator) YOUR SOUL IS MINE! *Eats the black ball, once the smoke and flames are all gone*

( Lustrous 2 attacks Tigator )

Demonic Tigator) YOU WILL BE DEVOURED! *Smacks Lustrous 2 with his tail*

( Lustrous 2's body is sliced in half, then her energy is drained into Tigator )

Burzeator) *Glowing orange* Thatz waz AWEZOMEZ!

( Tigator charges towards Burzeator )

Burzeator) KITTYZ NOZ!

( Valkyrie comes out of no where, punching the back of Tigator's head )

Burzeator) YAYZ! *Uppercuts Tigator*

( Tigator turns to his Osbyss Tigator ball form )


D-BC: Episode 70

D-BC: Episode 69 was...?

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