Minutes later...

Mike) What now?

Drarieror) Don't know, I must be getting old.

Mike) Old mayn.

Drarieror) Bakugan, I'm no mayn.

Mike) You're a dragan! A dragon, bakugan, and man put together.

Drarieror) Uh...Okay.

Burzeator) Iz tiredz!

Valkyrie) But we must keep moving, right Nexus?

Nexus) I'm agreeing with you, wow. By the way, yes we need to keep moving.

Mike) But we already finished.

Nexus) True, but we should catch up to Arric. With Crimson's betrayal, we should be wary of Blue's. If so, he might need some help. That and we all need to be together if we want to beat Darterym.

Drarieror) Then off to Darterym.

Nexus) No, Leriod is where we're going.

Drarieror) Fine.

( Valkyrie grabs Nexus and flies off )

Drarieror) Here we-

( Electrilyr wraps its body around Drarieror )

( Burzeator grabs Mike and flies off )

Drarieror) I'm the loner...NICE!

Burzeator) *Looks back* OLDZ BAKUZGANZ!

( Drarieror blows air out of his mouth, then follows Burzeator and Valkyrie )


Darterym) *Loses a brown glow* WHERE IS HE?! WHY HASN'T HE SHOWN UP! ALL HAIL TO DARTERYM!

Back to Arric and Blue...

Arric) Tigator, this wasn't you battle. Back to your ball form, now!

Osbyss Tigator) THIS IS MY PLANET!

Arric) No it isn't.

Osbyss Tigator) *Stares at Arric* Really?

( Arric glows purple, blue, and gold )

Blue) ...

( Arric lifts his leg and points to it )

( Arric slips and falls into a puddle )

Osbyss Tigator) This is my planet to save. Darterym got involved and it's my time to save this planet. I have no problem blowing you or *Looks at Blue now*

( Blue glows purple, blue, and gold now; Arric loses his three glows )

Blue) Easy...

Osbyss Tigator) I would blow you right now, but I'm not. If you dare to do anything wrong, you're going to hear...BOOM!

Blue) Understood.

Osbyss Tigator) And if Buratro dares to hit me, I'll hit you both harder! I'm a ticking bomb and you're dead meat.

Blue) Okay.

Arric) Like old times.

Osbyss Tigator) I'll be at Leriod, if you need me. *Flies with smoggy wings*

D-BC: Episode 67

D-BC: Episode 66 was...?

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