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( Buratro grabs Aquora's fist )

Buratro) BULKY! *Lifts Aquora up and slams her down*

( Aquora releases liquid black molecules )

( Buratro slides backwards )

Arric) Ability Activate! Haipel Smash! ( Hiriger's hair smashes the opponent into the ground )

( Hiriger's hair catches Buratro, wrapping around him )

( Blue makes a slight glare at Arric )

( Hiriger throws Buratro, instead of slamming Buratro )

( Buratro flies towards Aquora, who's still laying on the ground )

( Buratro pulls his fist back, punching when near Aquora )

( Aquora turns to a puddle )

( Buratro lands in the puddle )

( The puddle comes back together, encasing Buratro )

( Tigator, stares at Buratro, while in ball form )

( Buratro and the encasement glow purple, blue, and gold )

Blue) ARMOR!

( Buratro claps )

( Explosive ruby armor covers Buratro's body )


( The ruby armor explodes )

( Arric grabs and puts Tigator back into his pocket )

( Rain falls )

Hiriger) That's done?

( A huge load of water crashes into Hiriger )

Hiriger) Guess not.


Samantha) *Recently awoken* ... *Looks around*

Serenity) You passed out on the floor earlier.

Samantha) Where's Alexandria? Is she okay?

Serenity) Yes, she's okay...She's out for a little stroll with May.

Samantha) When will she be back?

Serenity) Soon.

Samantha) Really soon?

Serenity) Stop worrying, just go back to sleep

Samantha) ...

Back by the brawl...

( Buratro is tied up by Hiriger's released hair )

Arric) Ability Activate! Hair Cocoon! ( Hiriger's hair closes on him )

( Aquora hits Hiriger )

( Hiriger slides on the ground )

( Aquora releases a watery blast )

( Hiriger slides closer to Buratro )

( Waves attack Hiriger and Buratro )

( Aquora disappears )

Osbyss Tigator) *Out of Arric's pocket* Geez. *Stares at Hiriger and Buratro*

( Hiriger and Buratro glow purple, blue, and gold )

( Aquora attacks Hiriger and Buratro from below )


( Aquora continues upwards )

( Hiriger and Buratro go to their ball forms )

( Osbyss Tigator comes out of his ball form, charging towards Aquora )

( Aquora disappears )

( Osbyss Tigator stops moving )

( Aquora appears behind Tigator )

Osbyss Tigator) Not smart! *Slashes Aquora with tail*

( Aquora falls as water, but appears in-front of Tigator )

( Aquora releases a watery blast )

( Tigator blasts to the watery ground )

( Aquora actually charges towards Tigator )

( Tigator slowly gets up with his three legs; his fourth leg still in major pain )

( Aquora disappears )

( Tigator spins with a tail slash )

( Aquora appears, spilt in half )

( Aquora starts to turn to energy )

D-BC: Episode 66

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