( Holes are in Infernic's lava snake shield )

Infernic) *Tired* Energy

( The lava snakes fall onto the ground, turning into puddles )

( Guarge stares at Vazeator )

Guarge) *Makes a displeased face with his sword* HISS! *Some of his skin falls off as his body cripples*

( Black spheres fall onto the ground )

( Guarge holds his sword above Vazeator, highering it )

( Drarieror's left cannon releases a thin dragon )

( The dragon heads towards Guarge )

Mike) Ability Activate! Thin Dragon Slash! ( A dragon leaves Drarieror's left shoulder cannon and bites the opponent. The dragon then pulls the opponent towards Drarieror. Drarieror slashes the opponent with his sword(s) )

( Guarge swings his sword towards Vazeator )

Mike) Ability Activate! Intensity Punch! ( Vazeator's fist heats up and punches the opponent )

( Vazeator blocks Guarges sword with his legs, cracking his armor )

( Vazeator punches Guarge with a warm fist, due to playing Guarge )

( Guarge becomes dazzied, still holding his sword )

( A dragon wraps around Guarge )

Drarieror) NOW GET OVER HERE! *Pulls Guarge in*

( Guarge gets pulled in, his sworded arm freed )

( A lava snake follows behind Guarge )

Mike) Ability Activate! Ruby Green Crystarrier! ( A barrier of green rubies, glow red, rises )

( Vazeator slams his fist onto the ground )

( A barrier of rubies rises, separating the lava snake and Guarge )

( The lava snake crashes into the barrier, destroying it )

( Guarge grows taller, as he continues moving )


( A green and red explosion sets off behind Guarge )

( Vazeator disappears )

Infernic) ENERGY! *Runs towards the explosion*

( A lava snake comes from below Drarieror, eating him )

( The lava snake swallows Drarieror and lowers into the ground )


( Guarge looks at Mike and Nexus )

( Infernic runs into the explosion, then flies out, crashing onto the ground )

( The explosion grows smaller, until Vazeator is shown standing with his fist covered in the explosion's power )

Vazeator) This is going to get violet.

( Drarieror pops out of the ground with Guarge and Grotear )

( Grotear's body has veins popping all over him )

( Drarieror has a lava encased body, while spinning, fist in Grotear's gut )

Vazeator) SONIC INTENSITY! *Spins his arm completely, jumps into the air, and punches the ground*

( Shockwaves are created )


( A huge explosion is created )


Arric) So...

( Blue keeps walking )

Arric) Anything else we should talk about?

( Blue doesn't answer )

Arric) Um...Dad, how have you been?

Blue) *Raises his hand and opens his mouth* ... *He says nothing, closing his mouth and lowering his hand*

Arric) ...*Steps in a puddle* Well, we must be close to Aquerity...

Arric has a flashback...

"Arric) We'll be as good as Dad, aren't we Tigator!"

"Tigator) Better than that piece of sh*t!"

"Arric) HEY, HE'S MY DAD!"

"Tigator) So what, I could blow him up!"

"Arric) YOU CAN'T!"

"Tigator) Well...*Looks at Arric with purple eyes*"

"( Arric glows purple )"

"Arric) STOP! *Falls into a puddle of crystal blue water*"

"Tigator) We'll just blow that stupid Wolfgang and his maid, Samantha."

Out of Arric's flashback...

Arric) The same puddle...

Osbyss Tigator) Huh. *Stares at Arric*

( Arric glows purple, blue, and gold )


Osbyss Tigator) Let's blow them up. *Stops staring at Arric*

( Arric loses his glow )

By Darterym...

( Darterym sits on his throne, looking at a casing )

Darterym) Soon you all will be there. You will fight against your planet...My planet, that is. Then you're extinct!

D-BC: Episode 62

D-BC: Episode 61 was...?

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