Minutes later, a loud sound makes people to go outside, some of the the enemies' bakugans out...

( Christian, May, Ray, Jane, Johnny, and Garren throw their bakugans out )

( Werewerra, Aqulloid, Penifle, Vamprior, Vamolf, Scalean, Blade Dragonoid, Surge Hydros, Mentro, Teleterra HD, and Ovorier come out of their ball forms )

( However, Tigressoid, Scorgerion, Pethock, Drealoid, Kyubal, and Octuubi are out of their ball forms )

Christian) Ability Activate! Ground Speed! ( Werewerra runs around the ground, bringing sand up into the air to blind his opponents )

May) Double Abilities Activates! Bubble Charger! ( Aqulloid encases herself into a bubble and charges into her opponent ) + Sapphire Headbust! ( Penifle crashes into the opponent with her sapphire head guard )

( Werewerra runs towards Tigressoid; Aqulloid is in a bubble and following behind Werewerra; Penifle follows behind Aqulloid )

Pyro) GRAB!

( Tigressoid tries to grab Werewerra )

( Werewerra slides under Tigressoid )

( Aqulloid is right about to make impact with Tigressoid, but Tigressoid quickly smashes his left pole into Aqulloid )

( Aqulloid turns to her ball form and returns to May )

( Penifle headbutts Tigressoid's gut, using her sapphire head guard )

( Sapphire waters burst and push Tigressoid back )

Christian) Ability Activate! Balling Safe! ( Basade Werewerra's body turns to a spiky ball as he rolls towards the opponent )

( Werewerra turns to a ball )

( Tigressoid crashes into Werewerra before he moves, but faces Werewerra's spikes )

( Werewerra rolls )

( Tigressoid is pressed to the ground, then lifted back up )


( Tigressoid is immobilized against Werewerra's body )

Christian) Ability Activate! Spike's Pierce! ( Basade Werewerra's spikes shoot off his body )

( Spikes shoot off Werewerra's body; Tigressoid shoots into the air and is striked by Teleterra )

( Tigressoid turns to his ball form and returns to Pyro )

Teleterra HD) Strike 1!

Meanwhile, Vamprior and Vamolf turn to their ball forms, while Ray faints from some kind of gas...

( Drealoid's helmet has gotten on Blade Dragonoid's head )

( Blade Dragonoid's blades turn to purple flames and is now controlled by Drealoid )

Jane) Ability Activate! Laggy Hold! ( Skeletons grab the opponent from below )

( Hands of skeletons grab a possessed Blade Dragonoid's legs )

( The skeleton hands burn up after touching Blade Dragonoid )

( Blade Dragonoid releases a flaming "X" towards Scalean )

Jean) Ultimate Ability Activate! Skeleton Suicide! ( Scalean's skeleton body leaves Scalean's body and charges into the opponent with an explosion )

( Scalean charges through the flaming "X" )

( The remainders of the flaming "X" move towards Jane )


( Scalean collides with Blade Dragonoid, setting an explosion )

( Scalean, Blade Dragonoid, and Drealoid turn to their ball forms )

( Jean faints from being hit by the flaming "X"'s remainders )


( Teleterra grabs and squeezes Kyubal with his hand )

( Kyubal turns to his ball form and returns to Kyuubi )

Garren) Ability Activate! Stunning Slash! ( Ovorier slashes her opponent and the opponent can't move )

( Octuubi dodges by jumping into the air )

( Teleterra swngs his foot )

( Ovorier jumps up to slash Octuubi )

( Teleterra's foot hits Ovorier )

( Ovorier crashes into Octuubi with her blade first )

( Ovorier and Octuubi turn to their ball forms )

( Teleterra, Werewerra, Penifle, Surge Hydros, Mentro, Scorgerion, and Pethock remain in the brawl )

D-BC: Episode 53

D-BC: Episode 52 was...?

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