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Nexus has gave Serenity her father's coat and has headed inside, but Serenity stayed outside with her head against what she has left of her father...

Nexus) *Shaking May's hand* Hi, I'm Nexus

Valkyrie) *Whistling* Weewoo!

May) ...Hi...*Quickly leaves and walks outside*

Nexus) *Face red* Valkyrie!

Valkyrie) She knows!

Nexus) What?

Valkyrie) About what we did 10 years ago...I must keep an eye on her!

Nexus) No, never, you're a bakugan...

Valkyrie) Bu-

( Nexus leaves Valkyrie and shakes Samantha's hand )

( Valkyrie flies to Nexus )

Nexus) Hi, I'm Nexus

Samantha) Hi

Valkyrie) You look-



Nexus) O_O Sorry!

Samantha) It's fine...*Rocking Alexandria* Don't cry, my baby girl...Don't cry

Alexandria) Baba bababababa

Samantha) *Sounding excited* Yeah

Alexandria) Babababa

Nexus) *Moves on* Okay...Valkyrie, why are you acting like this all of the sudden

( No answer )

Nexus) ...-_- *Walks back and grabs Valkyrie*

Valkyrie) HEY!

Nexus) In the pocket with you *Puts Valkyrie into his pocket*

( Nexus walks up to Christian )

Nexus) *Shakes Christian's hand* Hey, I'm Nexus, how are you today?

Christian) I'm Christian and I'm doing good today, sir...How's your day?

Nexus) -

Valkyrie) He's just ch-

Nexus) *Pushes Valkyrie deeper into his pocket* That was Valkyrie...My one and a million bakugan...

Christian) Okay...*Walks away from Nexus*

Nexus) *In head* Valkyrie's going to get it

( Nexus walks up to Emily )

Nexus) *Extends hand* Hi, my name's Nexus

Emily) H-

Arric) Nexus, come here!

Nexus) Well, bye *Walks away and towards Arric*


( Serenity cries with her face hidden in her Dad's coat )

( May closes the front door and sits down next to her Mom )

( A lightning bolt is seen )

May) Mom, you missed that lightning bolt...It was huge

( Thunder crackles )

( May moves closer to her Mom )

May) *Gently moving her hand on her mother's back* Mom...A bakugan was checking me out earlier...

Back inside...

Nexus) I'm sorry about Valkyrie

Arric) Huh?

Valkyrie) He's not sorry

Nexus) I am sorry

Valkyrie) Not

Nexus) Am

Arric) Sorry about what?!

Nexus) Valkyrie was checking some of the girls here out...

Arric) Who exactly?

( Nexus points to Samantha )

Arric) O_O *Looks at Valkyrie* That's my sister...and...Wolfgang's wife!


Valkyrie) NEXUS!

Arric) I don't really mind it...Well...Because I check her out sometimes too, but that's just because she's my sister and I love her as my sister

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