Mike and Jane have gone inside, while Drarieror has came out of his ball form...

Drarieror) ...

( The black creature tries to punch Drarieror )

( Drarieror jumps out of the way )

Drarieror) Wow wow wow!

( The black creature tries punching Drarieror again )

( Drarieror jumps to the left )

Drarieror) I'm not trying to hurt you!

( The black creature tries to headbutt Drarieror )

( Drarieror back jumps )

Drarieror) Wait...I'm trying to save the mansion this time, so I have

( The black creature looks at Drarieror )

Drarieror) Look...I need to stop you and your coat, I need...

( The black creature stands up )

Drarieror) Understand?

( The black creature screeches in Drarieror's face )

Drarieror) Lovely...*Flies into the air*

( The black creature swats Drarieror down )

Drarieror) *Rolls into a standing position* I thought we were having a good time...

( The black creature takes another swat at Drarieror )

( Drarieror avoids the swat by jumping above it )

( The black creature goes for punching Drarieror from above )

( Drarieror shoots flames through the fist )

( Drarieror goes through the fist )

( The black creature swats Drarieror with his right arm )

( Drarieror flies to the left )

( Drarieror goes through a few trees, then rolls on the ground into a headstand )

( The black creature swings his arm releasing black spheres towards Drarieror )

( Drarieror releases flames from his shoulder cannons )

( Drarieror raises into the air, stops the flames from his shoulder cannons, and flies higher up into the sky )

( The black creature screeches again )

( Drarieror charges a fireball outside of his mouth )

( The black creature releases black spheres towards an almost defenseless Drarieror )

( ??? jumps over Drarieror and twirls with green flames around its body )

( ??? burns the released black spheres, once making impact and falls towards the black creature )

( Drarieror continues to charge his fireball with flames coming out of his four cannons )

( The fireball grows the to the size of Drarieror )

( Drarieror glows red )

( The fireball quickly increases in size with Drarieror's power and the rushing flames )

( The black creature's body separates )

( ??? goes through the black creature and lands with a green field of flames bursting )

( A few green spheres fly out of the flames )

( Some of the black creature's spheres catch on fire )

( Drarieror's fireball becomes five times his size )

( Drarieror releases the fireball )

( The fireball falls towards the black creature )

( ??? looks back and jumps away )

( Seconds later, the fireball crashes into the black creature )

( Surprisingly, the fireball is absorbed by the black creature, who is now burning away )

( Four dragon heads come from Drarieror's cannons )

( The four dragon heads shoot towards the ground and bite into it )

( Drarieror pulls the dragon heads back )

( The dragon heads pull the large pieces of the ground up and drop them on the black, melting creature )

( The dragon head return to Drarieror's cannons )

( Drarieror flies to the coat, on the ground and lands )

( Drarieror picks the coat up )

( Black spheres exit from their rubble )

( The black spheres glow purple, blue, and gold )


( The black spheres blow up in a purple, blue, and gold flash )

Drarieror) *Looking at what happened* ...

D-BC: Episode 44

D-BC: Episode 43 was...?

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