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Back on Earth...

Samantha) I know

Puppy) Awooo

( Alexandria bounces in her seat )

( Alexandria makes a giggling sound )

Samantha) You having fun?

( Alexandria continues bouncing her seat, watching Samantha )

???) *Sounds like a girl's tone* AHHHHHHH!

Samantha) ...

( Alexandria's about to cry )

( Samantha quickly gets to Alexandria and rocks her, in her arms )

( Alexandria calms down )

Samantha) Phew...

In the living room...

( Persona sits on a step all shaken up )

Serenity) *Rubbing Persona's back* It's alright...Can you tell me what's wrong?

Persona) There's an old man outside...He's wearing a doctors coat and he laying there...He looks kind-of dead...

Serenity) Then he's at the right place...

Persona) And he's hopping off the ground...

Serenity) That's kind of...odd...


Mike) ...

Jane) Umm...Mike, we should...You know...LEAVE!

Mike) No...*Watching the doctor transform into a black monsters*

Jane) I'm serious, Mike!

Mike) Hold on...

Jane) NO! *Pulling Mike*

Mike) ...

Jane) You're so stubborn sometimes

Mike) ...

Jane) We'll take a backdoor in, okay?

Mike) Okay

( Drarieror sneaks out of Mike's pocket )

Jean) And so you know, I wasn't scared...It's just I can't see one of us getting hurt or even killed...

Mike) ...

D-BC: Episode 43

D-BC: Episode 42 was...?

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