Seconds later...

( Tigator walks out of the portal with another blast shooting towards Electrilyr )

( Electrilyr dodges )

( In front of Tigator, Doctor Loust lays and breathes still )

( Tigator's portal closes )

( Tigator looks at Doctor Loust and makes a disgusted motion )

( A portal opens in front of Doctor Loust )

( Tigator picks Doctor Loust up with his mouth )

( Tigator walks to the portal )

( Tigator's head enters the portal )

( Tigator releases Doctor Loust )

( Tigator backs away from the portal )

( The portal closes )

( Tigator looks at the ground for a second )

( Blood is on the ground )

( Corpians and bakugans lay scattered on the ground; all are dead )

( Tigator looks at all the Corpians and bakugans )

( Tigator stomps on the ground )

( Tigator looks around himself again )

( All the peridot shards are seen around the Corpians and bakugans, some disturbing )

Osbyss Tigator) *Eyes turn purple* ERR!

( The ground, the corpses, the peridot shards, everything near Tigator, and even himself glow purple )


( Everything blows up with huge black smog rising into the sky )

By Crimson...

Crimson) ...

By Airren, Nexus, Valkyrie, and Aquora...

Airren) ...

Nexus) ...

Valkyrie) ...

Aquora) ...

( Airren, Nexus, and Aquora disappear )

D-BC: Episode 40

D-BC: Episode 39 was...?

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