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Samantha) *Looking at a mirror, brushing her wet hair* Yes?

Alexandria) BABABABABA!

Samantha) Okay

Comosa) I'm confusing...What is Baby Alexandria saying?

Samantha) I really don't know


Samantha) Mmhmm

Alexandria) A BA!

Samantha) Nice

Comosa) ?

Meanwhile, in Serenity's room...

Crystal) Can we wrap it, Mommy?

Serenity) *In bed* Wrap what?

Crystal) Samantha's present

Serenity) After breakfast...

Crystal) Already had breakfast

Serenity) What did you have?

Crystal) A fried egg and piece of bacon

Serenity) May?

Crystal) Yes

Serenity) Tell her I said "thanks" and after I get a shower, we'll wrap Samantha's present, okay?

Crystal) Okay, Christian helped May too

Serenity) Then tell Christian I said "thanks" too

Crystal) Okay

Back by Samantha...

Samantha) *Still brushing her hair* You could have knocked, I would have opened the door for you...

Arric) *Sarcasm* I know, but I couldn't make you mess your hair up

Samantha) Haha, very funny

Alexandria) BABABABA!

Arric) Seriously, though...You look very pretty today

Alexandria) BABABABABA!

Samantha) Thanks, now why are you here?

Arric) *Takes Alexandria out of her crib and holds her* Wow, somebody's nasty today...

Samantha) What?

Arric) Nothing, nothing...Just Alexandria's diaper

Samantha) Alexandria's diaper isn't a somebody

Arric) To me, it is

Samantha) Okay, now why are you here?

Arric) I need some advise

Samantha) On?

Arric) *Face gets a little red* Proposing...

D-BC: Episode 36

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