The next day, in an unknown area...

( ??? 1 and ??? 2 run to Airren and Aquora )

??? 1) We just found this black creature...We destroyed it, but it reformed itself!

Airren) Here we go again

Aquora) So lets get moving...

??? 1) WAIT!

Airren) ...

Aquora) Boy, we can't be caught...We can't wait!

??? 1) Tell me what happened to my master!

Airren) Seriously not the time

Aquora) Nexus, we need to keep moving

Nexus) But what about my master

??? 2) Just tell him

Airren) Valkyrie, you owe me

Valkyrie) Understood

Airren) Everyone, be quiet *Airren tries to communicate with Infernic*

Aquora) ...

Nexus) ...

Valkyrie) ...

Airren) He's okay, he was able to escape with Guarge and Grotear

Nexus) =D

Aquora) Now let's go!

Nexus) WAIT!

Aquora) ...

Nexus) I have to see my ma-

Airren) Remember your order, let's go!

Nexus) NO!

Valkyrie) YES! *Grabs Nexus*

Nexus) NO!

Airren) Let's leave...

( Valkyrie, Nexus, Aquora, and Airren disappear )


Nebula Meteonoid) WHAT DO YOU MEAN, YOU FAILED?!

Blue) Airren got away...

Red) Aquora also got away

Crimson) We're sorry, Lord

AM21) Really sorry

Nebula Meteonoid) Well then, Blue come here!

Blue) Should I bring my Bakugan?

Nebula Meteonoid) Leave your Bakugan on the ground and come here!

( Blue gets up and walks to Meteonoid )

Nebula Meteonoid) You find and get Tigator

Blue) Okay *Backs away*

Nebula Meteonoid) Crimson

( Crimson gets up and walks to Meteonoid )

Nebula Meteonoid) Stop anyone trying to leave this planet

Crimson) Understood *Backs away*

Nebula Meteonoid) Aquamaster21

( AM21 walks to Meteonoid )

Nebula Meteonoid) You got Airren and Aquora

AM21) Okay *Backs away*

Nebula Meteonoid) Red

( Red walks to Meteonoid )

Nebula Meteonoid) You're over! *Grabs Red*

Blue) ...

( Meteonoid throws Red into the air )

Red) AHHHHHHH! *Falling*

( Red goes inside Metenoid's mouth and is swallowed whole )

Blue) ...

Nebula Meteonoid) AM21, feel free to take Tentolade with you

AM21) Okay

Crimson) ...


Blue) O_O

( Crimson, Blue, and AM21 run to grab their bakugans and leave )

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