Samantha) *Walking with Alexandria in a stroller* So, we've been kind-of quiet, haven't we...

May) *Walking with Samantha* Yeah

Samantha) How have you been?

May) I'm fine, you?

Samantha) Better than normal

May) Good

Samantha) I still think Wolfgang and Jenna are safe and alive

May) Same

Samantha) My Mom on the other hand...

May) I know, I've overheard her talking with my Mom

Samantha) Really?

May) Really

Samantha) I wish I knew why my Mom's been doing all that

May) She wants you to get over him...She also wants you to find another man, if you're looking for some help...

Samantha) Never happening

May) Okay

Samantha) Anyways, since were talking about my love...How's your boyfriend?

May) He's okay

Samantha) Okay

May) How's Alexandria?

Samantha) She's been great...

May) Good, I'm still waiting for my chance to baby sit

Samantha) For money?

May) Nope

Samantha) You'll probably get your chance when I have Aaron...

May) Aaron...That's his name?

Samantha) If he's a boy, yes

May) It sounds like an awesome name...It's better than my boyfriend's name

Samantha) What's his name?

May) Um...Anyways, Mom wants me to gather everyone

Samantha) And that's why you need to go to the battlefield with me

May) Yeah

Samantha) I didn't see Crystal there, is she with Serenity?

May) Yeah

Samantha) Okay

May) We're going to a gorcery store, do you want anything?

Samantha) No thanks, but thanks for asking

May) Okay and you're welcome

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