Smaonger) ...

( A ball of flames encases Guarge )

Infernic) Guarge, leave now!

Guarge) Master

Infernic) It's an order!

( Guarge slitters into a hole in the ground )

( The ball of flames explodes )

( Smaonger, Octuubi, and Kyubal take the explosion head on )

James) ERR! *Starts mutating*

Kyuubi) ...

( Smaonger, Octuubi, and Kyubal blast away )

( Lava gushers out of the ground )

( Smaonger, Octuubi, Kyubal and get hit from under them and blast into the air )

( Smaonger, Octuubi, and Kyubal return to their ball forms )

Infernic) That's all you-

( A beast crashes on Infernic )

( Infernic falls onto the ground )

( The beast bites Infernic and rips his helmet off )


( James smashes Infernic's head against the ground )

( Infernic looks completely out of it )

( James smashes Infernic's head into the ground repeated times )

Kyuubi) ...Whatever...*Dumps black spheres onto the ground*

( The black spheres affect the ground, changing and digging down )

( The black spheres quickly spread )

D-BC: Episode 32

Grade of D-BC: Episode 31?

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