Samantha) *Hugging Wolfgang* I love you...

Wolfgang) *Hugging back* I love you too

( Samantha looks into Wolfgang's eyes )

Sara) *Shaking Samantha* Samantha, wake up!

Samantha) What Mom?!

Sara) *Sits on Samantha's bed* Listen...You need to stop this! You need to stop this right now and do your role! That role is be the mother of your child...So Jenna and Wolfgang are missing, but you're still Alexandria's mother and she needs you...Not only that, but your pregnant, again! There's another child...You need to stop how you've been acting and return to your normal, kind self...

Samantha) Mom, why do you have to keep bothering me! I'm how old...OH YEAH! Twenty-one...I don't need you taking care of me!

Sara) Oh yes you do!

Samantha) Nope!

Sara) When's the last time you were out of bed, early in the morning?

Samantha) The other day...

Sara) No, that was three months ago!

Samantha) So?!

Sara) Your sleeping pattern isn't healthy

Samantha) Whatever

Sara) Don't be rude to your mother...

Samantha) Not like Dad would be any help!

Sara) ...*Gets up* Don't mention him around me!

Samantha) Why? Is it because he betrayed us? Or is it because you cannot stand being away from him?

Sara) Just the fact he betrayed us...



Samantha) You don't...*Sits up and rocks Alexandria* It's okay...Everything's alright...Mommy has you

30 minutes later, by Arric...

Arric) Interesting...You guys did a great job...Class is dismissed, but Mike and Christain...I want you two to stay...

Mike) Okay

Christian) Sure

( Everyone leaves, but Jane and Alice look back at Mike, before leaving )

Arric) Okay...You two did an impressive job. You're both pretty good and I really feel for you guys.

Mike and Christian) Okay

Arric) And I kind-of want to see you two brawl, right now...

Mike and Christian) *Looking at each other* Okay!

D-BC: Episode 4

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