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The field has been returned to normal and been cleared for Kyle vs. Persona...

( Thorrean's roses spin with small spikes being fired )

( Blazzery swirls away from close spikes, moving right and left, in them )

( The spikes intensify )

Persona) Ability Activate! Phoenix Erupt! ( Erupting fire from Blazzery targets the opponent and its surroundings )

( Flames erupt off of Blazzery's body )

( The small spikes burn up )

( Flames blast towards Thorrean )

Kyle) Ability Activate! Rosegus! ( Thorrean's roses swirl with tunneling winds created )

( Thorrean's roses swirl with tunneling winds created )

( Blazzery swirls and charges towards Thorrean )

( The winds and the incoming flames collide )

( The winds blow the flames back )

( Blazzery travels into the flames )

Persona) Ability Activate! Firing Straight! ( Flames around Blazzery build up as a beam )

( The flames around Blazzery gather together and fire as a beam )

Kyle) Ability Activate! Thorn Barricade! ( Thorns come from the ground )

( Thorrean stomps on the ground )

( Thorns come up close to each other )

( The thorns make a barricade )

( The flame beam hits the barricade )

( The barricade burns )

Kyle) Ultimate Ability Activate! Rosbuzzition! ( Thorrean's roses swirl with two bright beams attacking the opponent )

( Thorrean's roses swirl )

( A beam is charging )

( The flames shoot through a burnt hole in the barricade )

( Thorrean's two beams fire )

( Thorrean's two beams fuse into one beam )

( The flaming beam and Thorrean's beam collide with equal strength )

Kyle) Linked Ability Activate! Mock Thorn! ( A thorn copy that copies the opponent, is created ) + Copy Thorn! ( A thorn copy that copies Thorrean, is created )

( Two thorns shoot off Thorrean's body )

( The thorn on the left turns to Thorrean's copy )

( The thorn on the right turns to Blazzery's copy )

( Thorrean's copy's roses swirl, a beam is being charged )

( Blazzery's copy releases flames from her mouth, a beam is created )

( Blazzery's copy's beam collides with Thorrean's and merge into one beam )

( Blazzery's beam pushes back )

( Blazzery erupts with more power )

( The beams become equal again )

( Thorrean's copy releases a beam, also merging with Thorrean's beam )

( Blazzery's beam gets pushed back again )

( Blazzery's power increases )

( Blazzery's beam pushes Thorrean's beam back )

( Thorrean and his copy's roses swirl faster )

( Blazzery's beam continues to push Thorrean's beam towards him )

( Blazzery's copy releases more flames that form into a beam )

( Thorrean's beam enlarges from the extra power )

( Blazzery's beam quickly gets pushed back )

Persona) Ultimate Ability Activate! Overdose! ( Blazzery's flames turns blue with popping flames )

( Blazzery's flames turn blue and pop like sun spots )

( Blazzery's burn increases with tons of power )

( Blazzery's beam turns blue as the popping flames enter it )

( Thorrean's beam gets overpowered and pushed back quickly )


( Thorrean's copy and Blazzery's copy burn to ashes )

( Thorrean returns to his ball form )

( Blazzery's flames return to normal and she returns to her ball form )

Persona) 1 to 1

D-BC: Episode 30

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