Everyone has moves away from the battlefield and into the stands. However, Jane and Johnny remain on the battlefield with the barrier walls up...

( Scalean and Mentro come out of their ball forms )

Jane) Ability Activate! Rib Break! ( Scalean charges into the opponent's ribs with a harden body )

( Scalean charges towards Mentro )

Johnny) Ability Activate! Tail Wash! ( Mentro swings his tail, sending blast of water at the opponent )

( Mentro sidesteps Scalean when she closes in )

( Mentro swings his tail )

( Scalean gets hit from behind, followed by a water blast )

( Scalean flies into a barrier wall )

Johnny) Ability Activate! Aqua-Spike! ( Mentro blasts water from his 10 spikes, that attack the opponent )

( Mentro faces towards Scalean and releases water blast from his ten spikes )

Jane) Ability Activate! Skelical Barrier! ( Bones come from the ground in a growing barrier )

( A bone barrier rises )

( The first few blast of water get pass the bone barrier )

( The bone barrier blocks the other blast )

Jane) Ability Activate! Bone Shot! ( Bones shoot against the enemy )

( Skulls and long bones shoot off the barrier )

( Mentro fires each water blast correctly at the bones )

( Mentro misses a skull )

( A skull headbutts Mentro )

( Mentro gets knocked out )

( Scalean charges through the barrier and continues towards Mentro )

( Scalean headbutts Mentro's midsection )

Johnny) Ability Activate! Coiling Defense! ( Mentro coils his body like a snake, hardening his skin )

( Mentro quickly coils his body around Scalean's head and neck )

( Mentro squeezes on Scalean's head and neck )

( Mentro fires water blast from his open spike holes )

( The water blast crash into Scalean with digging impact )

Jane) ...Ability Activate! Laggy Hold! ( Skeletons grab the opponent from below )

( Bone hands come out of the ground )

( The bone hands grab Mentro and pull him )

( Mentro's slowly loses grip on Scalean )

Jane) Ultimate Ability Activate! Terror Attack! ( The opponent sees Scalean's skeleton, causing the opponent's eyes to turn red and get hit by an internal blast )

( The bone hands hold Mentro down while fully skeletons arise )

( Scalean gets out of Mentro's grip and flies above him )

( Mentro looks at Scalean's skeleton without choice )

( Mentro's eyes turn red )

Johnny) Ability Activate! Tatil Wave! ( Mentro creates a tidal wave by swinging his tail )

( Mentro swings his tail quickly )

( Water rises )

( Mentro starts to cough )

( The water quickly covers Mentro )

( Mentro rolls onto his belly )

( Mentro's eyes return normal )

Johnny) Ability Activate! Aqua Charge! ( Mentro points his head down as he charges with a field of water around him )

( Mentro jumps into the air and charges towards Scalean )

( Scalean shows Mentro her skeleton )

( Mentro's eyes turn red )

( Mentro starts coughing again and falls to the ground )

( Mentro turns to his ball form )

D-BC: Episode 29

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