A few hours later...

( Samantha pushes Alexandria's stroller )

Samantha) This actually looks pretty nice...A pool, battlefield, and hopefully not another destroyed home...

Alexandria) BABABABA!

Samantha) Can't wait for your Daddy to see this...Maybe we could all go in the pool together...

May) Hi Samantha, do you know where Christian is?

Samantha) He's at the battlefield, Mike and him are doing some team brawl

May) Where's that?

Samantha) I'll show you

At the battlefield...

( Mike and Christian stand on the battlefield )

( A group of people stand in a line )

Christian) So Mike...Who's on your team?

Mike) Jane

( Jane walks to Mike )

Mike) Alice

( Alice walks to Mike )

Mike) And Kyle

( Kyle walks to Mike )

Christian) You need one more...

Mike) No, I have a surprise

Christian) Fine...

Mike) So pick your team

Christian) Persona, Ray, Johnny, and my surprise

( Johnny, Persona, and Ray walk to Christian )

Mike) Okay

Johnny) I GO FIRST!

Christian) ...

Johnny) Everyone agree!?

Persona and Ray) Yeah

Jane) Mike, I'll handle Johnny then...

Mike) Okay

D-BC: Episode 28

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