About an hour later...

( Samantha's head rests on her seat belt, as she sleeps )

Arric) Tigator, I still cannot believe you done that...

Osbyss Tigator) I can blow you up...

Arric) Tigator -_-

Osbyss Tigator) I was kidding...

Arric) Good

Osbyss Tigator) I was kidding on that too...*Eyes turn purple*

Arric) *Glows purple* TI...Tigator...

Osbyss Tigator) You're so soft for that child...That little one...Why don't you SCREAM!


Julie) ...*Looks at Arric*

Arric) *Whispers* Put her pacifier into her mouth, she'll be fine


( Julie looks through Samantha's purse )

( Julie finds Alexandria's pacifier and puts it into her mouth )

( Alexandria sucks on her pacifier )

Sara) Crazies...

Osbyss Tigator) *Looks at Sara* What?

( Sara glows purple )

( Tigera looks at Osbyss Tigator )

( Sara's glow disappears, while Tigator is outlined by yellow )

Lustinun Tigera) *Looks at Tigator* Here we go again...


Lustinun Tigera) Watch this...

Osbyss Tigator) Watch wh-

( An orange substance covers Osbyss Tigator's mouth )

Lustinun Tigera) Haha, silence!

Osbyss Tigator) -_-

Arric) What happened?

Lustinun Tigera) I shut Osbyss up...

Arric) Doesn't Tigator hate that name?

Lustinun Tigera) Yep =3

Arric) Okay

In Samantha's dreams...

( Samantha and Wolfgang kiss, with Wolfgang's hands behind Samantha's neck )

( Samantha's hands suddenly around move on Wolfgang's midsection )

Samantha) Mmmm *Moves hands to Wolfgang's face*

( Samantha's hands then go behind Wolfgang's neck )

In Julie's minivan...

Sara) She sleeps too much...

Arric) Okay, just don't wake her up

Sara) Well that's what I'm going to do

Arric) Mom, no...

Sara) Why not?

Arric) Just leave her be

Sara) Then what, she'll-

Arric) She's 21...She can take care of herself

Sara) But she's been sleeping too much

Arric) Mom, it's for her safety

Sara) Safety?

Arric) ...

Sara) Sleeping too much isn't healthy, but safety?

Arric) Yes...She told me why she sleeps like she does...

Sara) Why?

Arric) It's a secret

Sara) ...

Arric) Mom, Julie, don't tell Samantha I said why...

Sara) Okay

Julie) Understood

Arric) In her dreams, she sees Wolfgang...She wants to be with him, so she sleeps...It makes her feel safe...

Sara) Well someone needs to get over it

Arric) No...

Sara) Yes

Arric) Wolfgang is her love, she's been with him for about fifteen years, she's not going to get over it

Sara) She will...She has to...

Julie) How about you keep your eye on the road, Arric

Arric) I am

Julie) Okay, it seems like you're arguing with your mother more...

Back in Samantha's dreams...

Samantha) *Head over Wolfgang's shoulder* I miss you...

Wolfgang) I miss you too

Samantha) Where have you been?

Wolfgang) A-

( A white flash appears and Samantha's dream ends )

Samantha) ...

Arric) What just happened?

Julie) You should know this, Arric

Sara) Reminds me of when I came back to this world...

Julie) What?

Sara) I was killed and I came back here...It was thanks to Samantha's Husband...*Looks at Samantha*

Samantha) ...

( The white room disappears )

( The minivan parks at a white mansion )

Arric) Got to thank Harterym...

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