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Bakugan Descriptions:

Lustrous- Gains energy from love, life, and good hearted people. Is knight-like with three golden stripes on her mask. She is also covered in shiny white armor with golden stripes. She's a Haos bakugan.

Pethock-A panther-like bakugan. He has a long middle claw on his front two paws. Down his belly, there are spike-like figures. His paws glow purple, while he's a dark black color. His tail is followed by a spike on each side. Between the space of his legs, feathers stick out for flight. He has feathers that half-circle his head. He's a Crystalic Darkus bakugan.

Drealoid-A head of a dragonoid. His head has three horns, one pointing straight, another pointing left, and a third pointing right. The rest of his body is made of flames. He's a Crystalic Darkus bakugan.

In Leroid...

Lustrous) The hate...The evil...WHO ARE YOU?!

???) It's me, DarkusGUY...*Throws out Pethock and Drealoid*

( Pethock and Drealoid come out of their ball forms )

DG) Ability Activate! Illusion One! ( Pethock stomps on the ground; Black Onyx claws are summoned )

( Pethock stomps on the ground )

( Black Onyx claws appear in-front of Lustrous )

Lustrous) What's this! *Creates a transparent yellow barrier*

( The claws slash the barrier )

( Marks are left on the barrier )

( Lustrous' hands charge with power )

( The pair of claws slash the barrier again )

( The barrier wall shatters )

( Lustrous releases a blast from her hands )

( The claws rip the blast apart )

Lustrous) ...

DG) As you said...Hatred...Evil...You're weaker!

( The claws grab Lustrous )

( Lustrous tries to break free with a white flash and has no luck )

DG) Tag Ability Activate! Coldburn Illusion! ( Flames transfer from Drealoid's body to the opponent's body via illusion; freezing cold ice is tranferred on top of the flames and opponent's body )

( Pethock's feathers glow )

( Flames are transferred from Drealoid's body, onto Lustrous' body )

( The claws squeeze Lustrous and the flames burn her )

( Pethock transfers ice to Lustrous' body )

( The ice covers Lustrous' body )

( The flames continue to burn )

DG) Ultimate Tag Ability Activate! Illusional Crushburn! ( Ten eyes surround the opponent as part of an illusion, flames string from Drealoid's body into each eye, and the flames are strung into a pointed figure above the opponent's head )

( Ten eyes surround Lustrous )

( Ten flame strings leave Drealoid's body and enter the eyes )

( The ten eyes string the flames into a pointed figure above Lustrous' frozen, burning, and squeezed body )

DG) *Pulls a package from his pocket* Say goodnight...*Dumps the packet onto the ground*

( Black spheres fall onto the ground and kill anything in their path, for example: the grass )

( The ground becomes infected )

( The pointed figure falls )

( Lustrous flashes )

( The pointed figure crashes )

( Ice shards fly into the air )

( The flames blast )

( The eyes disappear )

( Drealoid and Pethock return to their ball forms )

( DG walks over towards Lustrous, who's laying on the ground, affected by the black spheres )

( Lustrous goes through a mutation )

DG) *On one knee* Lord Darterym, my mission is complete...

By Airren...

Airren) Did you feel that?

Aquora) Yeah...

Airren) I don't feel her anymore...

D-BC: Episode 22

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