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About thirty minutes later, Samantha has walked into Arric's room with Alexandria...

Samantha) *Looks at Arric* Arric...

Osbyss Tigator) *In ball form, stares at a window* Darterym is going to pay...Pay so much...*Eyes turn purple*

( The glass window turns purple )

Samantha) ...

Osbyss Tigator) Revenge for-

Samantha) TIGATOR!

Osbyss Tigator) ...*Eyes return normal*

Samantha) Don't do that...

Osbyss Tigator) Why can't I...Didn't I almost kill you?!

Samantha) Yeah, yeah, yeah, but don't destroy that window...

Osbyss Tigator) *Eyes turn purple* Well then...*Stares at Samantha*

( Samantha's outline glows purple )


Samantha) *Looks at Tigator* Seriously...

( Lustinun Tigera leaves Samantha's purse )

Osbyss Tigator) Seriously...

Lustinun Tigera) *Stares at Samantha with yellow eyes* No...

( The purple outline disappears )

Osbyss Tigator) And you ruin my fun...

Lustinun Tigera) Yes, yes I do

Osbyss Tigator) You're no fun, sis!

Lustinun Tigera) And Samantha nor that window is Darterym...

Osbyss Tigator) I know!

Lustinun Tigera) Then leave them alone...

Osbyss Tigator) Okay *Looks at Alexandria*

( Alexandria's outline glows purple )

Samantha) ... *Turns away from Tigator, so her back faces Tigator*

( Alexandria's outline returns to normal )

Lustinun Tigera) Enough, brother!

Osbyss Tigator) I was just messing around

Lustinun Tigera) You're telling the truth, right?

Osbyss Tigator) Sure I am...*Looks at Arric's phone*

( Turns back around )

( Arric's phone glows purple )

( Samantha walks towards Arric's phone )

Lustinun Tigera) Don't you dare...

Samantha) *Picks Arric's phone up* I need this...

Osbyss Tigator) COME ON! *Looks at Arric's bed*

( Arric's bed glows purple )

( Tigera looks at Tigator )

( Tigator glows yellow )

( Arric's bed returns to normal )

Lustinun Tigera) Should have done that before...


Lustinun Tigera) Yep!

( Samantha sits down )

( Samantha puts Alexandria's pacifier into Alexandria's mouth )

( Alexandria sucks on her pacifier and sits on Samantha's lap with one arm around her )

Samantha) Okay...*Opens Arric's phone* New voicemail, huh...*Checks Arric's voicemail, but needs a password first* Password...Hmm...Oh...*Types in a password and enters*

( The password is accepted and Samantha gets into Arric's voicemail )

Julie) Arric, where are you...I thought you'd be back by now...Is everything alright? And please tell Samantha, I'm sorry...

Samantha) ...I better call her...

10 minutes later...

Samantha) Yeah, sure...See you here...Bye...*Hangs up*

( Alexandria looks up at Samantha's face )

Samantha) Hey

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