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Arric) Team 1: Crystal, Alice, Mike, Jane, Christian and Garren. Team 2: Ray, Trent, Persona, May, Johnny, and Kyle...START!

( Vamprior, Elorian, Aqulloid, and Mentro stare at Teleterra )

( Crystoid, Polius, Drarieror, Scalean, and Werewerra, sit on Teleterra's shoulders )

Johnny) Ability Activate! Aqua Charge! ( Mentro points his head down as he charges with a field of water around him )

( Mentro creates a shield of water and charges towards Teleterra )

( Teleterra kicks Mentro )

( Mentro flies back to his team )

( Elorian swings his tail )

( Mentro flies back towards Teleterra )

( Teleterra lifts his foot )

Johnny) Ability Activate! Coiling Defense! ( Mentro coils his body like a snake, hardening his skin )

May) Ability Activate! Twist Stream! ( Aqulloid spins in a drill motion with rapid amounts of water releases from her mouth )

( Water shoot from Aqulloid's mouth )

Mike) Ability Activate! Boiling Strength! ( Drarieror spins in a drill motion, with a boiling body )

( Drarieror walks off Teleterra's shoulder and flies towards the water )

( Drarieror's body slowly boils as he spins with increasing speed )

Trent) Ability Activate! Tailing Smash! ( Elorian does a front flip, then smashes his tail on his opponent )

( Elorian jumps into the air and heads towards Drarieror )

Drarieror) STOMP! *Turns towards Elorian*

( Teleterra stomps )

( Mentro slips under Teleterra's foot )

( Teleterra falls towards Drarieror )

( The bakugans on Teleterra fall off or fly off, while moving away )

Persona) Ability Activate! Burst Chop! ( Axolf's ax-like tail hits the opponent. Afterwards, ruby flames burst )

( Axolf falls from a high height )

( Axolf flips as she falls; ruby flames grow on her tail )

( Teleterra crashes onto the ground )

( All bakugans sit on the ground, except Drarieror and Scalean )

( Drarieror's fist crashes into Elorien's face )

( Elorien shoots away and into his ball form )



( Axolf's ax-like tail crashes onto Teleterra's neck )

( Ruby flames erupt and Teleterra returns to his ball form )

( Polius' metal bars shine silver )

( Rocks lift off the ground and shoot towards Mentro )

Johnny) Ability Activate! Tatil Wave! ( Mentro creates a tidal wave by swinging his tail )

( Mentro spins out of his coiled body and releases waves all around him )

( The rocks go through the waves )

( Mentro gets hit and goes into his ball form )

Christian) Ability Activate! Spike Bomb! ( Basade Werewerra's body closes into a ball as his spikey body falls onto the opponent )

( Werewerra jumps into the air and enters a ball state )

( Werewerra falls )

Ray) Ability Activate! Blood Blast! ( Vamprior fires red blast from his palms )

( Vamprior holds his palms up towards Werewerra )

( A red blast leaves Vamprior's palms and crashes into Werewerra )

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