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By Wolfgang and Samantha's destroyed mansion...

( Mike, Christian, Jane, and Serenity lay under rubble, as Sara and Puppy lay under rubble too )

???) *Looks around* Looks like my job as superhero is done...

( Mike takes a gasp for air )

???) *Looks at Mike* ...

Above the rubble, police and a few others search for Mike, Christian, Jane, Serenity, Sara, and Puppy...

Emily) *Screaming, while searching in the rubble* MIKE!

May) *Screaming and also searching in the rubble* CHRISTIAN, MOM, AUNT SARA!

Johnny) *Screaming* JANE!

( No movement from the rubble or sound is made; only sound is the wind howling )

Puppy) woof

Officer 1) ...*Lifts foot*

Puppy) *Sticks head out of the rubble* woof

Officer 1) Stay...*Looks back* OVER HERE!

( Three officers look at Officer 1 and run towards him )

( Officer 1 digs through the rubble )

( Puppy runs to Persona, once fully freed )

Persona) PUPPY! *Grabs Puppy*

( The officers dig through the rubble )

( A green flash appears )

( Sara, Mike, Jane, Christian, and Serenity appear above ground )

Officer 2) *Touches Sara* ...I FEEL SOMEONE!

Officer 3) -_- That's because she's above ground...


Officer 4) Weird...

By Samantha; forty-five minutes passed...

Samantha) *Sits down with Alexandria in her arms* You were a good girl, Alexandria...A really good girl...I was a bad girl and mother today...I guess I should call Arric's girlfriend, right Alexandria?


Samantha) Okay, okay, okay...I'll call Julie...If I have Arric's phone or her phone number...*Positions Alexandria, so she can hold her with one arm and looks through her purse*

Doctor) *Opens door and walks in* Okay, I have to ask you to leave this room...

Samantha) *Looks up* Okay

Doctor) *Face turns red* ...Um...Will you m-

Samantha) Did you forget I was married or something?

Doctor) Um...No...Will you...move to your brother's room?

Samantha) Sure

By Julie...

Julie) *Looking at phone* And he still hasn't called back!

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