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Twenty minutes later, Samantha, Alexandria, and Arric are in the hospital, while Wolfgang and Samantha's mansion has been destroyed...


Samantha) *Continues rocking Alexandria* It's okay...Mommy's got you...Everything's alright, the doctor didn't hurt you...


Samantha) ...That's right...I never changed her diaper yet...


( Samantha moves her hand through her purse )


Samantha) It's alright...*Grabs something and pulls it out* Here we go...*Puts Alexandria's pacifier into her mouth*

( Alexandria sucks on her pacifier )

Doctor) Well we can give you space to do so...

Samantha) Thanks...

( The doctor sits down )

Doctor) Your brother is okay, but as far as I've seen, he may have suffered a severe concussion, he's lucky he's alive...If the ambulance arrived minutes later, he would probably be dead...Now what caused all that is still under investigation...

Samantha) Okay *In head* Although how can a concussion kill him...

Doctor) How have you been without your husband?

Samantha) ...

Doctor) If you cannot tell me, I understand

Samantha) It's been hard...You see, I see him when I'm asleep...And that caused me to go through sleep for ten hours, twelve hours, and on...

Doctor) Okay

Samantha) By the way, I'm fine

Doctor) And your oldest daughter?

Samantha) I've seen her with Wolfgang, in my dreams...

Doctor) Do you believe they're still alive?

Samantha) With all my heart, I do...

Doctor) Okay, so...I'll leave this room to you

Samantha) Okay

Doctor) You're just changing her diaper, or is there more?

Samantha) There's more...

Doctor) Like?

Samantha) I probably have to feed her...

Doctor) So we're looking at about?

Samantha) Thirty to forty-five minutes, I guess...

Doctor) Understood, so I'll be back in forty-five minutes...*Leaves the room and closes the door*

Samantha) *Looks at Alexandria* Time for a new diaper...

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