( Red spheres and black spheres mix )

( The red spheres float away )

( The black spheres float towards the opposite direction )

( The melted black spheres stay on the ground )

( The red spheres form Pyrym )

( The black spheres form a beast )

Pyrym) Had to push me...


( Pyrym throws red spheres )

( Red spheres fly towards the black beast )

( The black beast eats them )


( The red spheres explode )

( The black beast's head is gone )

( A new head forms on the black beast )

Pyrym) More?

( The black beast charges towards Pyrym )

( Pyrym punches the black beast )

( The black beast falls down )

( Pyrym releases a flaming red sphere blast from his palms )

( The black beast gets hit )

( Pyrym shows a slight smile )

( Pyrym's hand shoots off and grabs the black beast )

( Pyrym's hand returns )

Pyrym) AND I'M DONE! *Releases a huge red beam from body*

( The black beast shoots off Pyrym's hand )

( The beam and the black beast head towards Samantha and Wolfgang's mansion )

By Samantha, Arric, and Alexandria...

( Sirens are heard )

( The crystal structure breaks away )

( Samantha, while holding Alexandria, moves to Arric )

Lustinun Tigera) Samantha, are Alexandria and you okay?

Samantha) Yeah, we're fine, but Arric isn't...

Lustinun Tigera) Well, it's good that we hear sirens...

Samantha) Arric, please be alright...*Puts Alexandria onto her lap as she checks Arric's pulse*

Alexandria) Babababa!

Samantha) ...

Osbyss Tigator) He is alright, right?

Samantha) I wish I could say that...

Osbyss Tigator) THEN WHEN I FIND DARTERYM, HE'LL PAY! *Looks at the black spheres on the ground*

( The black spheres glow purple )


( The black spheres explode )

Osbyss Tigator) He's not going to exist when I find him!

Samantha) Okay

Alexandria) Bababababa!

Samantha) *Picks Alexandria up* Are you okay?

Alexandria) BABABABABA!

Samantha) I take that as a yes *Holds Alexandria against herself, gently*

( Alexandria's head moves against Samantha )

Samantha) I love you too...*Looks at an incoming ambulance* Be good...*Covers Alexandria's ears*

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