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By Drarieror...

( Drarieror moves out of the way )

( The two black beast collide and burst into black spheres )

( Drarieror pulls his two blades out )

( The black spheres merge into one beast )

Master24) *Looking at watch* HURRY UP!

( The beast runs towards Drarieror )

Drarieror) BRING IT! *Charges towards the beast*

( Drarieror and the beast meet )

( Drarieror slides under the beast, unexpectly okay )

Drarieror) *Behind the beast* Try harder...*Shoots eight fireballs*

( The eight fireballs crash into the beast )

( Some black spheres separate and get burnt )

Master24) BEHIND!

( The beast's head forms towards Drarieror )

( The beast charges again )

( Drarieror flies with his blades out )

( Drarieror enters the beast's body, below his head )

( Drarieror holds his blades to his sides and spins )

( Black spheres get sliced )

Master24) SHOOT HIM OUT!

( Drarieror exits through the top of the beast's body )

Drarieror) This glow feed me! FEED ME MORE! *Glow intensifies*

Master24) ABOVE!

( Drarieror releases 50 dragon blast from his cannons )

( The dragon blast attack the black spheres with "booming" explosions )

Master24) ...*Disappears*

Drarieror) *Glow disappears and falls* Break...FINALLY! *Faints*

( Drarieror crashes onto the ground )

( Black spheres also fall onto the ground, some undamaged, melted, or slice )

( The black spheres move into a thick order, in a line )

( The order of black spheres move like a caterpillar, towards Drarieror )

( Drarieror lays on the ground )

( The order of black spheres get closer )

( Drarieror still doesn't move )

( The order of black sphere's front lifts into the air )

( Drarieror remains out-of-it )

( The order of black spheres smash onto Drarieror )

( More black spheres roll onto Drarieror )

( Some black spheres enter Drarieror's body )

( Drarieror glows red )

( Some of the black spheres infest inside Drarieror )

( Drarieror begins choking )

( Drarieror slowly gets back up )

( Drarieror falls back onto the ground )

( Drarieror's head slowly turns purple )

( Drarieror's glow intensifies again )

( Drarieror tries to get up again )

( Drarieror doesn't make it to a standing bases and falls again )

( Drarieror's head is purple )

( Drarieror tries to get up )

( Drarieror stands up )

( Drarieror then collapses to his knees )

( Drarieror looks up )

( A red beam bursts and hides Drarieror )

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