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Citizens) AAAAAAAH!


( Black spheres hit the ground )

( Some citizens get hit )

???) RAAAAWWWWWR! *Releases a black sphere blast*


( Some cars get hit and explode )


In some black area...

Samantha) Wolfgang...*Puts her hand on Wolfgang's cheek*

Wolfgang) Hey...

Samantha) *Tears fall* I miss you!

Wolfgang) I miss you too

Samantha) What happened to you?

Wolfgang I-

In reality...


( Arric's car explodes )

By Drarieror...

( The black sphere beast bite Drarieror )

Drarieror) ERR!

( The black sphere beast chew on Drarieror )

Drarieror) GET OFF OF ME! *A burst of red energy is released*

( The black sphere beast turn to black spheres and swarm Drarieror )

Drarieror) RELENTLESS <BEEP>! *Flaps wings*

( The black spheres get pushed away )

( Two black beast form )

Drarieror) ...I hate this...

Master24) FINISH HIM!

By Mike, Christian, and Jane...

( Mike and Jane set Christian down on a bed )

Christian) OW!

Serenity) What happened?

Mike) He got smashed on someone's knee...

Serenity) How hard?

Mike) Realy hard...

Serenity) Christian, where does it hurt?

Christian) *Puts hands where he's hurting* Here...

Serenity) Your hips...Okay...Mike, Jane, can you please leave...

Mike and Jane) Okay *Both leave*

D-BC: Episode 14

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