Meanwhile, Arric, Samantha, and Alexandria are all in Arric's girlfriend, Julie's house. Arric has introduced his girlfriend to Samantha and Alexandria...

Julie) So how does my Boyfriend act towards you?

Samantha) He's a nice brother

Julie) Anything else?

Samantha) Not really, sucks that I don't know my Brother *Looks at Arric*

Arric) Same with you, Sis

Julie) Why don't you know each other then? You've known each other for 21 years, right...

Samantha) Not exactly...We were separated when I was six...I saw him a few times when I was a teenager, but I've really known him for about two years now...

Julie) What happened?

Arric) Oh nothing, don't want to describe that...

Julie) Why not?

Samantha) It's a hard story...Neither of us want to think about it...We wish it never happened...

Arric) Yeah

Julie) Okay

Samantha) So how long have you been together now? Two months?

Julie) Sound about right...

Arric) Actually about two months and two weeks

Samantha) Funny about how you both met each other...

Julie) Yeah...

Arric) It kind-of is

Julie) Samantha, how have you been without Wolfgang?

Samantha) ...*Looks away*

Arric) *Leans towards Julie and whispers* Forgot to tell you to not bring him up...

Julie) *Whispers to Arric* Oh, sorry...

Samantha) *Gets up* Excuse me, but I'll be outside for a minute...*Walks*

Julie) I'm sorry about bring that up

Samantha) *Looks at Julie with an angered look* Okay

Julie) ...

( Samantha walks outside )

Arric) ...She's never been like that...

Julie) I really didn't mean to bring it up, I just wanted-

Arric) It's fine, I understand...


( Arric gets up and moves Alexandria towards Julie and himself )

Julie) Think we'll be together for a chance like that...


Arric) ...*Picks Alexandria up out of her seat* Hey


( Samantha walks back in )

( Arric looks at Samantha )

Samantha) It's alright...*Walks towards Arric*

( Arric hands Alexandria over to Samantha )

Samantha) *Grabs Alexandria and rocks her* Everything's alright, my sweetheart...*Sits down*

Alexandria) Baba...

Samantha) What?

Alexandria) Babababa!

Samantha) Okay

Julie) Samantha, she looks just like you...

Samantha) I need to change her diaper now, bye! *Gets up and leaves*

Arric and Julie) ...

( Samantha walks outside )

Arric) You know...I better take her back home...

Julie) *Sad tone* Okay

Arric) After that, I'll come back

Julie) Okay

Arric) See you soon...*Kisses Julie quickly*

Julie) See you later...

( Arric picks Alexandria's seat up and leaves )

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