Three months after Wolfgang has gone missing...

( Samantha lays with Alexandria near her )

( Persona slowly walks towards Samantha with low toned steps )

( Alexandria's arms move )

Samantha) *Eyes closed* It's okay, go back to sleep...

Persona) *Stops walking and watches*...

( Samantha brings Alexandria closer to her )

( Alexandria's arm goes over Samantha's neck )

Samantha) That's a good girl...*Goes back to sleep*

Alexandria) Da...

Samantha) *Opens eyes* What?!

Alexandria) ...WAAAAAAHHHHH!

Samantha) ...*Sits up* It's alright...I'm sorry...*Rocks Alexandria* I didn't mean to say it that way...*Looks at Persona* ...

Persona) Hi...

Samantha) How did you get in here?

Persona) Aunt Sara, she checked on your earlier...

Samantha) -_- Tell her, I'm fine...

Persona) Okay

Samantha) Anyways...How's school?

Persona) It's okay

Samantha) Okay

Persona) Samantha...

Samantha) Yes?

Persona) Why do you say your okay, when you aren't...

Samantha) ...

Persona) We all know you're not okay...Everyone's worried about your sleeping patterns for the last three months...

Samantha) There's nothing wrong with it, I'm pregnant!

Persona) *Eyes water* But, they say that's an incorrect statement because it didn't happen with Jenna or Alexandria...You were fine both those times, not now...

Samantha) ...Just...LEAVE ME BE!

Persona) ...*Tear falls*

Samantha) ...Persona, I'm sorry...Just...

Persona) WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS! *Runs away*

Samantha) ...*Tears fall*


Meanwhile, outside the house...


( Crystal and Alice to one spot )

( Mike and Jane run to a third spot )

( Ray and Trent run to a second spot )

( May runs to a forth spot )

( Johnny and Kyle run to a sixth spot )

( Christian and Garren run to a fifth spot )

Arric) *Looks around* Crystal and Alice, check...Mike and Jane, check...Ray and Trent, check...May and Persona...May, where's Persona at, I saw her a few minutes ago...

May) She went to check on Samantha

Arric) Okay...Johnny and Kyle, check...Christian and Garren, check...

May) What do I do, though?

Arric) Just do what your here for...It's not like normal, this time it's odd vs. even

May) Okay!

( Eleven bakugans come out of their ball forms )

Meanwhile, by Sara...

Persona) *Hugging her Aunt* She snapped on me...Samantha said she was okay...She also didn't mean it...

Sara) It's just been her...I'm either going to take her to a doctor or she's going to have to tell me...

Persona) Okay

Sara) Now...Arric's waiting for you, isn't he?

Persona) O_O I forgot! *Runs away* BYE!

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