Age 22
Gender Male
Planet of Origin Earth
Race Human
Occupation College Student, ULTRA Operative
Affiliations ULTRA Corporations
Family V - adoptive brother
First Appearance ULTRA

Cyrus is a character set to appear in ULTRA. He is the older adopted brother of V and an operative employed by ULTRA Corporations.




Personality & TraitsEdit


  • Martial Arts: Cyrus has extensive knowledge on a wide variety of martial arts, ranging from traditional arts such as boxing to potent martial arts such as judo. Cyrus had began martial arts at a young age, and years of practice have made him skilled at them.
  • Swordplay: Cyrus had his first taste of swordplay when he first began to practice fencing at a young age. Now he is very adept at many forms of swordplay such as kendo, and his status as an ULTRA operative has allowed him to utilize genuine swords such as his katana, a gift from a friend in Japan.




Cyrus is the older adopted brother of V, having been adopted as a toddler before the latter was born. He remained absent most of V's childhood due to being sent to specialized private schools for unknown reasons, but occasionally appeared as an older brotherly figure. He has gotten close to his younger adoptive brother toward the end of high school, and now attends college near V's home.



  • As a result of the creation of V's new storyline, characters have either been scrapped or have had their information altered/completely rewritten.
    • Cyrus has been given an official last name, which is set to be revealed June 2014. He is also the adopted brother of V, and older than him by four years instead of seven.


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