Wolf's and Wolfgang's secondary bakugan.

**Was created on by Aslihian**

Cyber Slash IngramEdit


Cyber Slash Ingram has one wing made of undestructible stanless steel witch he usually uses as his shield to block his opponent from attacks and make tornadoes. He has one mechanical eye similar to that of Helios mk2 but on the opposite side. His left arm, and right leg are mechanical and can fire lasers and missiles. His beak shoots slicing wind torpedoes towards his enemy or target that smashes them into a million pieces and the shoulder and back feathers protects him like an armor from the enemies attacks. His colors are dark green, white, platinium, black, and yellow with golden claws.




  • Cyber Slash - Cyber Slash Ingram slashes his opponent with his one wing
  • Tornadic Ripper - A tornado attacks the attack, that was made by Cyber Slash Ingram's only wing
  • Ripper's Kick - Cyber Slash Ingram kicks the opponent with such power, the opponent is pushed back miles away

Ultimate Ability:Edit

  • Ripping Tornado of Doom- Cyber Slash Ingram creates a tornado that causes massive destruction

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