Crystona is a Reality!
Species Crystalians
Equipment Made out of Crystal
Weaponry Made out of Crystal
Normal Style Balanced
Normal Fighting Style Brawling
Abilities Use of crystal
Powersource Crystonal
Status Sustainable


A planet with its land made out of Crystal, while water is clear. In addition, clear, hard, mineral pillars stick out of the ground and water. Crystona is known for its abundance and supply of crystals for weaponize uses and marriages. Some Crystalians are bitter about the deportation of crystals throughout the Soltaros Galaxy. Those Crystalians are led by Wolfram.


All equipment is made of Crystal, however, it could also be made of metal.


Weaponry is only made out of Crystal. Crystalians can make their own weapons from their crystal abilities.


  • To manipulate crystal for defense and offense

Characters from reality's nameEdit


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