Crystal) Wow...You're beautiful...

???) Thanks, but what's my name...

Crystal) Crysling...

Crysling) That's a great name, I love it!

Crystal) =D

Garren) ...

Duoptile) ...

Garren) YO, GIRLS...FIGHT!

Crystal) Have you met Crystoid?

Crysling) No...

Crystal) She's beautiful too...

Crysling) Can I see...

Crystal) I left her in the house...

Crysling) Then lets go see her...

Crystal) We should!

Duoptile) Hold on...*Jumps next to Crysling*

Crystal) WATCH OUT!

Crysling) *Turns around* AHHHH! DON'T EAT ME! *Turns to ball form*

Duoptile) Should have brought me knife...

10 minutes later...

Emiliano) Ability Activate! 6-Way Slash! ( Hexwing Dragonoid slashes the opponent six times )

( Hexwing charges towards Whaloid )

Masters) Whaloid, you have an idea?

Spout Whaloid) Yeah, play pain!

( Hexwing Dragonoid gets closer to Whaloid )

( Whaloid waits )

( Whaloid grabs Hexwing's hands before he slashes him )

Masters) Ability Activate! Drilling Horn! ( Spout Whaloid drills the opponent with his horn )

( Hexwing tries to break out, but Whaloid headbutts Hexwing )

( Whaloid's horn lowers to Hexwing's mid-section and starts to attack )


Emiliano) Ability Activate! Radiational Reduce! ( Hexwing Dragonoid gets an aura that lowers damage taken )

( An aura shows around Hexwing, while Whaloid's horn stops )

( Hexwing faints on the the ground )

Masters) Ability Activate! Beaching Smash! ( Spout Whaloid smashes his fist onto the ground, causing it to collapse )

( Hexwing sinks into the sand )

Masters) Ability Activate! Beached Whale! ( Spout Whaloid lays on the opponent, after a hop into the air )

( Whaloid hops into the air )

Emiliano) Ability Activate! Hexigonal Encasement! ( Hexwing Dragonoid traps the opponent in a hexagon field creating by his wings )

( Hexwing's wings come out of the sand )

( Whaloid falls on Hexwing's hidden body )

( Hexwing's wings close, trapping Whaloid helplessly )

Emiliano) Ability Activate! Hexigonal Corruption! ( Hexwing Dragonoid wings spark with pink electricity )

( Sparks of pink electricity attack Whaloid )

Emiliano) Ability Activate! Hexagon Destroyer! ( Hexwing Dragonoid shapes his wings into a hexagon and a charged beam is fired )

( The sparks intensify as Hexwing charges his body up )

( Hexwing fires )


( Sand erupts in dark brown colors as Hexwing stands up, while Whaloid turns to his ball form )

Nintendo vs. Crimson, Winner vs. Kyuubi! Episode 18

Grade of Crystal vs. Garren, Emiliano vs. Masters! Episode 17?

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