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*Epona walks through Hyrule Castle Town, with Link on top of her*

Link: So this is the world, huh? It's beautiful...

*Link notices the entrance to to Hyrule Castle*

Link: Oh, hey! There's the castle!

*Link guides Epona to the castle, but he is stopped by two guards*

Guard 1: HALT!

Guard 2: Only authorized personnel are allowed inside the castle!

Link: Oh, sorry! I'm here for a meeting! I'm representing Hisenda Village!

Guard 1: Name, please!

Link: Link.

Guard 2: Alright. You may pass.

*The gate to Hyrule Castle opens*

Link: Thanks!

*Link guides Epona to the castle*

Guard 1: Commoners...

Guard 2: I know, right?


*Link ties Epona to a horse stall and enters Hyrule Castle*

Link: Hello? I'm here for a representative meeting! I'm from Hisenda Village!

*A guard notices Link*

Guard: Oh. You're representing a village? Hmph! What a poor decision from your mayor!

Link: Hey! I was chosen for the meeting. So whether you like it or not, you have to treat me with respect!

Guard: ... *Sigh* Let me lead you to your room.


Link: So this is my room?

Guard: Yes, sir. This is where you'll be staying for the meeting tomorrow. Enjoy yourself until then.

Link: Thanks!

*The guard walks off*

Guard: Pssh! Filthy commoners!

Link: The guards here aren't exactly that nice. The people in the town were though, at least.

*Link lies down on his bed*

Link: I wonder if everyone from the castle are like those guards...

That night...

*Link is awoken from his sleep by sounds coming from the hall outside*

Link: *Moaning* Who's doing that...?

*Link opens the door to his room, and sees a blonde woman in a night gown running across the hall*

Link: Huh?

*The woman sees Link, and runs into his room, quietly shutting the door behind her*

Link: What are you-

Woman: Shh!

*People talking can be heard from outside the room*

??? 1: Where did she go?

??? 2: She might've hidden herself in one of the rooms! Check them!

Link & Woman: ._.

*The woman hides in Link's closet, and Link rushes back to his bed and pretends to be asleep*

*One of the guards opens Link's door, looks around, and then closes the door*

After a few minutes...

??? 1: She wasn't in any of the rooms, sir!

??? 2: Damn! We have to find her before she gets away! Get moving, and be quiet!

??? 1: Yes, sir!

*The two men can be heard walking away*

*The woman comes out of the closet, and Link gets out of bed*

Woman: Thank-you for letting me hide in here. I apologize for having woken you up.

Link: It's alright. My name's Link. What's yours?

Woman: You don't recognize me?

Link: Sorry. I'm from Hisenda Village. I'm afraid I don't know who you're supposed to be.

Woman: Oh. Sorry about that. I'm Zelda, princess of Hyrule.


Zelda: Shh! You'll wake everyone up!

Link: Oh.

*Link bows to Zelda*

Link: I'm very sorry for my behavior, your highness.

Zelda: Don't worry about formalities.

*Link gets back up*

Link: Oh. Thank goodness. I'm not good with that stuff. So, what was with those guys?

Zelda: That's the problem... I don't know who they are...

Link: Really?

Zelda: They came into my room and tried to drag me off somewhere. I escaped, and...

Link: And now you're here?

Zelda: Yes... I'm sorry for bothering you. Will you keep this meeting a secret?

Link: Yeah, sure. But what are you going to do now?

Zelda: I'm going into hiding until these men are brought to justice.

*Zelda turns around and starts to exit the room*

Zelda: Good night.

Link: Wait!

*Zelda pauses*

I'm going with you!

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