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In a dark room, with a small pink crystal hovering above a pedestal, the walls crumble, with a tall, dark figure and a grunt walking into the room from the hole...

Dark Figure: At last...

Grunt: That was a great show of strength, sir!

Dark Figure: No compliments.

Grunt: Sorry,, what is that?

Dark Figure: The item we were looking for all along...

Grunt: But, isn't that just a crystal?

Dark Figure: This isn't just a crystal, boy...

It is the key to my salvation...

Zelda CoS Logo

Link: And that's the last of 'em!

*A large pile of rocks can be seen next to Link and a farmer*

Farmer: Oh, thank you so much, Link! Those rocks came down that mountain outta nowhere!

Link: Yeah. And it only took all day for me to get rid of them. I think that's a new record!

Farmer: Well, if there's any way I can repay you, I'd be glad to!

Link: Don't worry about it. This was fun!

*Link starts to walk off*

Link: I'll see you soon!

Farmer: ...that kid can be so weird...

Man: Link!

*Link turns his head toward the man*

Link: Yeah?

Man: The mayor is looking for you!

Link: Wait...the mayor? Looking for me?


Link: You want ME to represent Hisenda Village in a meeting at Hyrule Castle?!

Mayor: Indeed! A man like you is the perfect fit for the role!

Link: I'm sorry, sir, but there must be other people that would be better at this than me!

Mayor: Nonsense! We need a kind and laid-back man to represent our village! After all...isn't your dream to see the world?

Link: Well, yeah, but-

Mayor: Come on, Link! You've never even left the village before! How can you go and see the world when all you do is sit around and daydream all day?

Link: ...Alright then. I'll do it.

Mayor: There's the Link I know and love! Your parents would be proud!

*Link lowers his head*

Link: ...

Mayor: Oh...I'm sorry. That was wrong of me to say that.

Link: No. It's alright.

*Link gets up and starts to head out the door*

Link: It's tomorrow, right? I need rest if I'm gonna travel all day. I'll see you in the morning.

*Link exits the mayor's office*

Later that night, Link is looking at the stars from his house

Link: I wonder what it's like...

the world...

Link: Well, I won't find out if I just sit here all night. Tomorrow's gonna be a big day...

*Link walks back inside*

The next morning...

*The farmer brings out a horse for Link*

Link: Thanks for the horse!

Farmer: No problem! You deserve it after all the trouble I put you through yesterday!

*The horse neighs at Link*

Link: What's her name?

Farmer: Epona! Take good care of her!

Link: I will. Thanks again!

*Link gets on Epona and starts to head out of the town, with the villagers watching as he leaves*

Man: Good luck, Link!

Woman: Make our village proud!

*The mayor watches from the distance*

Mayor: ...

Next Part

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