Crystal of Souls
Zelda CoS Logo
Written by: GamingFanatic
Number of episodes:  ???
Series length January 21, 2015 - Present
Status Ongoing

Crystal of Souls is a The Legend of Zelda fan-fiction written by GamingFanatic. It is based on the video game concept of the same name.




Link CoS

An optimistic young man from a small ranch town called Hisenda Village. Link is kind, but often has his head in the clouds. He can be very courageous when needed, and can take up challenges that others would normally be too afraid to do.


Princess Zelda CoS

Princess (soon to be queen) of Hyrule and wielder of the Triforce of Wisdom. Zelda is polite and wise, but seems to sacrifice anything to keep her own kingdom safe. Even her body for Link to use.



A mysterious being of unknown origin, Inertius is a cruel warrior who treats no-one with respect, not even his underlings. He seems to want the Triforce, but for what purpose...?


  1. Crystal of Souls - Part 1
  2. Crystal of Souls - Part 2
  3. Crystal of Souls - Part 3
  4. Crystal of Souls - Part 4

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