In Crazy Bakugan Brawl Town someone named Val was sleeping for 10 years.

When he woke up 10 years later

???: Who am I? And Where?

???: Val you finally woke up!

???: Who's Val?

???: You silly!

Val: My name is Val.

???: Yes.

Val: Who are you?

Mother: I'm your mother!

Val: Okay. But where am I?

Mother: Your at home!

Val: What is a home?

Mother: A home is a shelter like so you don't live out on the roads.

Val: what are roads?

Mother: Huh. What's wrong with you (I'm 100% sure Val has amnesia)

Val: I'm gonna go outside

Mother: Okay

Val: Oh a portal i shall go through

  • goes through the portal

Val: huh where am I?

Chuck: You're in the year 1999.

Val: Huh? who are you?

Chuck: My name is Chuck Norris.

Val: hmm i heard about you somewhere wierd.

Chuck Norris: I am famous really famous.

Val: What does famous mean?

Chuck Norris: Famous means like a super star.

Val: oh okay

Jack: Hey you!

Val: Me?

Jack: yes you!

Val: what do you want?

Jack: Wanna have a Bakugan Brawl Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeas

Val: Okay Okay but what is a Bakugan Brawl?

Jack: Are you kidding me! You don't know what Bakugan Brawl is? Your a wimp.

Val: hey dont call me a wimp!

Jack: Okay want to brawl me then?

Val: Okay!

Val: Go! Leonidas!

Jack: Go! Elfin!

Val: Gate card set!

Jack: Gate card set!

Both: Bakugan brawl! Bakugan stand!

Val: Let's Go Leonidas!

Jack: Let's go Elfin!

Val: Ability activate! Grape Time!

  • raises 100 GS

Jack: Ability activate! Mean Punch!

  • lowers 50 GS on Leonidas

Val: Ability activate! Mega Laser!

  • Leonidas fires the Mega Laser and Elfin got defeated

Jack: Hey Val.

Val: Yeah?

Jack: That was a great battle. Congratulations for your win.

Val: Thx

Val: Oh i forgot to ask.

Jack: Yeah?

Val: What is this Town called?

Jack: The Crazy Bakugan Brawl Town.

Val: Why is it called that?

Jack: People go asking to have Brawls everywhere everytime that's why.

Val: Okay. (I got my memory back)

Val: Okay I got to go bye!

Jack: Bye Val!

  • Walks through the portal

Val: Hey mom I have my memory back!

Mother: Great! Okay it's late want to have dinner?

Val: Okay. What are we going to have?

Mother: Were gonna have Pizza.

Val: Yes! I Love Pizza!

Mother: Great i bet you'll eat a whole lot then.

Val: Yeah I will defintely eat alot!

Val: oh and mother.

Mother: Yes?

Val: I won a Bakugan Brawl today.

Mother: You did! I'm impressed.

Val: Thx mother.

Mother: Your welcome.

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